What is our ‘Turnkey Service’?

At Cobus, we’ve been designing and fitting interiors for businesses of all sizes across the UK for over 40 years, and always with a strong ethos on promoting a positive workplace environment.

But that’s not the only reason clients specifically choose us to design, create and fit out their inspirational spaces. We do it by building productive and trusting long-term partnerships through our unique and unbeatable ‘turnkey service’.

This comprehensive service takes clients from the initial consultation stage right through to installation and ongoing aftercare. It’s through the close working relationships we build from start to finish that we’re able to create spaces that perfectly suit the individual needs of each client; from classrooms and science labs to factory canteens and open-plan offices, as well as everything in between.

Our customers always come first; we’ll always go the extra mile for them and we’ll never charge extras or hidden fees. That’s the simple formula we’ve been using since we started out back in 1977.

Building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients is at the heart of everything we do

Our turnkey service allows us to put partnership right at the very heart of every project we take on and below, we’ve highlighted its step by step approach:

Site Visit

From the very moment we meet a client, we always begin by listening. Once we understand the clients’ needs, we’ll pair them up with one of our project managers, who we think has the sector experience and specialist skills to serve them best.

They then visit the project site, not just to measure it up and take photos, but to also get to know the client on a personal level, including their culture and the end goals they’re hoping to achieve with the new interior.

We’ll go the extra mile to understand exactly what the client wants


This is where the creativity comes in. Our design department will produce an original creative concept which they’ll illustrate using mood boards.

We’ll always ensure we heavily involve the client in this process, as ultimately, we want to create interiors that suit their goals and vision, not ours.

We’ll create an interior that matches the clients vision


Using 2D and 3D design, we’ll start producing a realistic creative proposal that satisfies the clients’ budget, but also maximises the potential of available space. This is where we really come into our own. You’ll be amazed at what we can do with a bit of creativity!

We always maximise the potential for available space


Once the vision for the project has been finalised, the project manager will work with the client to agree the details of the proposal and creative concept.

They will also carefully calculate the best use of products, as well as any discounts and deals, to help make sure the budget can be utilised as much as possible.

We always carefully calculate the best use of products in our projects


When the proposal is signed off, the design team will get to work, helping the client choose the very best fabrics, colours and finishes to give the new interior its ‘wow’ factor.

We’ll make sure your business has the wow factor


When the hard work is done, the client can take a step back and rest assured that the project manager will seamlessly coordinate all the suppliers, logistics and specialist contractors, ensuring the project runs like clockwork.

But in the case of a client having a change of mind on a particular detail during this process, we’re always just a phone call away from sorting a solution.

Our projects always run like clockwork

After Care

After the project is finished and the client is satisfied with their new interior, we don’t just disappear. Our partnerships continue beyond installation as most of the businesses and organisations we work with consider us a long-term partner; a team they can trust with their next project and so forth.

Our client partnerships continue long after installation

Overall, by getting to thoroughly understand our clients’ cultures, practical requirements and long-term goals, we’re able to create inspiring modern spaces; interiors that help people live, learn and work more successfully, as well as stay happier and healthier while they do it.