Office Move vs Office Fit Out

4 minute read

When planning any changes to your workplace, it can be overwhelming! The key is to start with the details when trying to identify what you need to support your employees and enhance collaboration and future-proof your workplace. First and foremost comes the decision to take on an office fit-out or office relocation. Whether you believe your current office space is adequate but could do with some adjustments or a complete office relocation is best, there are benefits with both options.


What is an Office Move?

An office move is when the entire workforce packs up their boxes and moves to a different location. This can be the result of requiring less space as more employees have adopted hybrid working, or more space as your business continues to grow in size and you need to accommodate for the amount of staff you have. Perhaps there has been a change in landlord or tenancy agreement on your existing office which is less attractive than your previous contract, allowing you to look at what’s on the market. The opportunity to move not only ticks these boxes, but could also open the doors to an office design that better suits the company brand, as well as attract new clients in geographical locations.

What is an Office Fit-Out?

An alternative option if you’re happy with the location but feel that the space needs a boost with office interiors with meeting rooms, well-being areas, and an updated contemporary kitchen is to have a fit-out or refurbishment. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade the space with fresh coats of paint, new furniture and layouts, as well as incorporating additional amenities and facilities. In doing so you’re customising the space to be more aesthetically pleasing and more on-brand with your choice of colours and additions with technology.


Whether you are camp ‘office stay’ or ‘office away’, there are some factors to consider before taking the leap. Firstly research how much each variation is going to cost. A whole office move will require upfront costs and higher rentals if opting for a bigger space, whilst an office refurbishment allows you to tailor your budget to what can be afforded at that time.


One of the biggest benefits of an office move is space. With your existing office space, a renovation will ensure you maximise your current workplace to allow your employees to work efficiently. In comparison, a relocation opens the doors to new offices that can offer more space for additional workstations, collaborative areas, and additional amenities if expansion is in your organisation’s business plan.

Staff Considerations

With any alterations to the working environment, it’s essential to put staff considerations at the forefront of your thinking. Are employees happy to move to a new location or are they content with the current set-up? Also, will it attract new talent if relocating to an office that has better transport links? Send out a staff survey to get their honest thoughts about your proposal to gauge what decision is best to make.


An office fit-out can be carried out with minimal disruption to workflow, depending on scope of work. Areas can be completed one at a time to allow staff to remain working in the office, or refurbishments can be completed out of hours. In comparison, an office move will not cause any disruption to staff, as all works would be completed prior to the move, allowing staff to seamlessly transition into their new completed workplace.


It’s easy to see both sides of why an office relocation and an office refurbishment have advantages and disadvantages. By thinking about space, staff, costs and time, there’s plenty to consider but ultimately it has to be the right decision for you and the company. At Cobus Spaces we take pride in these new beginnings and being part of your journey. Whether that’s project management for interior design, supply and installation that transforms your current space, or you want to maximise the impact of your new office with branding, lighting, colours and furniture that showcases a new chapter for the business. We’re here to assist with our leading professional services that put your requirements as our priority.