About Us

We’re not like other companies when it comes to supplying furniture and designing interiors. That’s because, much more than most, we put partnership right at the very heart of every project we take on.

What Drives Us

We’ve always been a forward-thinking company, and a quick look back at our history proves it. Right from our very first days selling second-hand furniture in the 1970’s, we’ve moved with the times and often kept ahead of them. Despite our natural dynamism, we’re proud of some things that have never changed.

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Our Approach

We’re different to other interiors teams, and that’s because we start with partnerships, not products. From our first conversation onwards, we’ll get to know your organisation and its culture inside out, then together we’ll work out exactly what help you need and precisely how best we can deliver it. Great products, designs and finished interiors just follow.

Our unique 7-stage approach has been refined and perfected into a turnkey solution for any brief. In short, it’s an ideal mix of consultation, creativity, technical expertise, practical action and attention to detail, all delivered by seamless project management. The end results speak for themselves.

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People + Places

We’re a proud Gloucestershire business with nationwide reach, and our people love nothing more than taking new briefs and solving new challenges wherever they come from. To say we’re passionate about customer satisfaction is an understatement, and that’s why our clients come back.

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