A space to thrive and inspire the next generation, Cobus Spaces are here to innovate the educational sector with contemporary design. It’s easy to be uninspired in a grey classroom with bland blinds and uncomfortable chairs, it’s time for change.

From entire school refurbishments to university fit outs, we create an environment where all ages can be invigorated. In return, their ability to learn, interact and socialise is greatly impacted because students and pupils are in a space where they want to do their very best.

Interior Designers

Starting with a blank canvas depending on your budget and requirements, we’ll work with you every step of the way to bring a spark into school and higher educational life.

As many educational buildings are either outdated, listed or have problem areas, our highly professional interior designers will deliver a new lease on life on paper that will be propelled into action.

Cobus Spaces are proud to have collaborated with a large number of educational centres, it’s what makes us a first choice for many in this area. Our experience and eye for detail means that quality is at the heart of everything we do.

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Why choose our In-House Interior Designers?

From matching colours to complement the school’s crest to bringing in bright and modern accessories that enlighten the senses, our team of in-house designers are driven by your vision.

As an approved supplier for an impressive list of market leading manufactures, we’ll source the best items to suit. It’s all about creating an exciting environment for pupils and teachers alike to thrive. Not only will your new space look great, it will also be highly functional – bringing out the best in each subject and your facilities.

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Fit Out

From music studios to design and technology areas where students are cooking one minute and crafting the next, Cobus Spaces can provide a complete fit out of your educational site from top to bottom. Our collaborative approach means that we understand your needs and every requirement.

Whether it’s just for one specific area or a number of rooms, our experienced team who have worked with countless clients in the educational sector will help maximise space whilst incorporating all safety requirements due to the nature of the individuals inside. Our interior design team will walk around the designated areas and will provide practical and functional solutions.

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Our Process

We’ll analyse the layout and can provide smart solution suggestions for an interactive educational experience and fitted furniture to make the most of the space. We’ll visualise your new space with drawings, renders and interactive mood boards and can provide a number of options if required.

It’s a real team effort and your dedicated project manager will oversee the installation of the fit out and ensure it’s delivered to your schedule. We understand that with school holidays and half terms, time can be of the essence. We also appreciate that security to reducing risk is of utmost important to the children and students, that’s why we ensure quality control measures and our guarantee of quality durability.

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When you have an existing educational building that is in need of refurbishment, Cobus Spaces can transform a building or dedicated rooms into a space of inspiration and innovation.

From our first consultation we’ll outline your objectives and withhold our promise that we’ll deliver the finest interior design and installation service.

We always promote sustainable products as part of our Cobus Green Mission and all designs comply with statutory regulations with regards to health & safety, building control, fire and assess points.

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Educational Renovations

Whether you’re looking to completely refurbish your layout or update it with fitted furniture, walls and flooring, we deliver a high-quality and professional experience built on our years in the education sector. Whether your goal is to have break out study areas, play areas or innovative learning hubs you can trust Cobus to design a unique space.

We can help save thousands in construction costs by assessing your workspace, analysing your school or universities vision and will produce 2D drawings, 3D renders and mood boards. From paintwork to finishing touches we’ll complete your refurbishment on time and in budget.

We’ll take a tired and sad space and turn it into a place of modern fixtures, contemporary colours and high-tech instalments.

Some of our previous projects

Areas Covered

Cobus Spaces have helped many educational institutions and numerous companies from all sectors with their interior design and furniture requirements.

We can cover the whole of the UK with our key locations being; Gloucester, Cheltenham, Oxford, Swindon, Birmingham and Bristol.