Benefits of an Office Relocation

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Where your office is located and how it operates day to day to suit working arrangements all contribute to business outputs and the overall working culture. The idea of moving to a new office can seem a demanding process, however with a new workplace designed around your company goals and operations with it’s employees working styles in mind, implemented by the right people, an be a catalyst for business performance. Since the pandemic, office life has changed with more hybrid working, employees who carry out remote work from anywhere in the world, leaving some companies with a need to downsize. Whilst the work environment has changed, the demand for office space hasn’t decreased.


Picture by Clint Randall

So What are the Benefits of an Office Relocation?

If your organisation has experienced growth or is planning for growth in the next 3 to 5 years. an office relocation may seem an obvious benefit to accommodate these changes. Alternatively, your lease may be ending and whilst the current space is working well, a new layout designed around new ways of working may lead to an office relocation to increase performance.


New Ways of Working

Office design plays an important role in office relocation because it presents an opportunity to work with a blank canvas and include your own style, company branding and new technologies. From open working spaces to private booths, collaborative areas and office furniture dedicated to hot-desking it opens up a variety of ways that permanent on-site staff and hybrid employees can harmonise effectively and efficiently. No longer are we seeing traditional office spaces with lines of desks, now it’s about creativity and enhancing staff welfare with break-out areas, social spaces and entertainment spots.


Company Growth 

Company growth is one of the more common reasons for office relocation. Even if you’re downsizing your office, a move can still enhance growth. If your business is growing at a consistent rate, relocating will allow you to accommodate more desk space, in addition to larger meeting rooms and breakout areas to allow your staff to work more efficiently. A new, well-equipped office, if plans are to continue to grow, can also contribute to talent attraction and employee retention. Think about location too. Are there certain parts of the country where your industry is thriving but you’re not there? From cities to more rural environments being present in the hub of your business is also a smart move for growth.


Cost Savings

With more employees working from home or only a few days in the office, there is an opportunity to save money on your overall outgoings by relocating to a smaller office space. Even if you don’t need to change the way you are working, a smaller office will mean less overheads with rent, rates and energy bills. It also means that you’re being more energy efficient thanks to the reduced amount of servers and computers being powered at one time.


Enhanced Brand Perception

As your business evolves, office design does too, to stay in line with your vision and objectives. This allows you to enhance your brand perception by overhauling a new office with increased amenities, such as gyms, prayer rooms and green space improving the overall office experience for employees and creating a great first impressions for visitors, clients and suppliers.


An office move is an excellent opportunity for a new chapter in your organisation, whatever the reason. From being cost-effective to enhancing working culture, it’s time to look at your current situation and see how you can improve it for the better. If you are considering your options for a potential office relocation, reach out to our team of workplace strategists, and take a look at our insight – How to plan for an Office Move.