Office Design Trends 2024

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It’s no secret that modern offices have gone up a level with workplace design that is innovative, creative, boosts employee satisfaction and helps to enhance productivity. As the working environment has become more adaptable to individual work models as well as satisfying the needs of the company to achieve maximum output, much thought goes into the office interior. Top office design trends vary from year to year and we’ve certainly seen an evolution and revolution of employee experience and unique office space inspiration that encapsulate not just a brand’s personality, but a new way of working altogether. From multi-functional spaces to smart offices, here’s our pick of design trends for 2024 that we are championing.

Interior Design Office Drawing Gradation Into Photograph 3D Illustration


Our day-to-day impact on the globe has made us sit up and think about our environmentally friendly actions from the car we drive to printing documents, recycling and buying second-hand. A sustainable office is also important when building on our credentials of doing more to help the planet with employers waving the flag of being more energy efficient in the workplace. In recent years we have seen sustainability influence interior design trends to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes buying upcycled furniture that has been given a new lease of life, switching to LED lighting, using reusable coffee cups and plates, materials with high recycled content, ride-to-work and electric car initiatives, as well as paper-free policies. In 2024 offices are becoming even more sustainable by meeting and exceeding new standards with the holistic well-being of employees that sees office design improving the quality of air, natural light and water. Also, more energy-efficient facilities such as printers and vending machines are being accounted for, as well as the amount of electric car chargers on offer.

Deep Focus Designs

In an open-plan office, we’re encouraged to brainstorm in collaborative spaces and deliver activity-based work in a meeting room that can sometimes be filled with lots of distractions. So this next trend will certainly be of benefit to those searching for a moment of calm and concentration. It’s been reported that with the growing rate of artificial intelligence, employees will require ‘focus spaces’ and thus see an increase in the number of pod boxes and booths that allow individuals to work in a quiet area with little distraction. But what has AI got to do with this? Well, while artificial intelligence takes on more of the repetitive and mundane tasks, employees are required even more so to use their creative thinking to come up with solutions that need more concentration than normal. These will include noise-regulating features such as soundproofing so that you’re not distracted by what’s going on outside, whilst being equipped with the latest technologies for an all-around system that can help you be productive at work.

Multi-functional Spaces

As remote work for many is still a reality, some companies have decided to downsize their offices to save on overheads if fewer people are present in the office. However, there is still a desire to have a dedicated HQ or hub that employees and their clients flock to for meetings, training and general daily operations. That’s why multi-functional spaces are on the up. Take a conference room for example, when not in use this can also be used as a training room to make the most of the space and also encourage versatile ways of using the office and inviting new people in. Lounges can also be used as brainstorming areas in a relaxed environment with portable facilities available, and desks being able to facilitate a number of functions to meet the demands of hot desking. The benefit for the company is that you can make the most of your investment whilst boosting productivity.

Encourage Movement

How many times have you been working away at your desk and then realised that you haven’t moved for well over an hour? We’re all guilty of it. Therefore, a trend for 2024 office interiors is encouraging employees to have more movement within their working day to step away from nesting. It’s an opportunity for everyone in the building to have more interactions within open-plan spaces and mix up the dynamic of the traditional office design. Older offices are familiar with silos and each department having its own dedicated area which can make it difficult for cross-population and a chance to meet your colleagues. This forward-thinking approach means that zones or floors will be strategically placed to promote a more diverse working environment. Also positioning certain amenities such as tea and coffee facilities in designated areas encourages people to move about more to stretch their legs, get some time away from the computer screen and create meaningful interactions that could spark a moment of creativity.

Smart Offices

Just as our homes have become smarter when it comes to TVs, lighting, heating and sound systems, offices are going through the same movement too but on a larger scale. We’re already well equipped with widescreen monitors, video-call set-ups and best practise when it comes to remote working, but what is the level up from here? Workplace design is now incorporating technology and data not just to enhance our productivity levels but to improve employee health too. From sensors to monitor air quality to human-centric smart lighting that creates the illusion of natural daylight to improve work performance and concentration, we’re seeing a new frontier with technology. It is also helping with space utilisation with innovative smart assets like desk booking which is influencing workplace design with how many desks should be accounted for and where they should be located for optimum outcomes when it comes to office interiors.

Office design is always changing from one year to the next. But the great prospect of where design is heading in the future is that it’s to improve the overall working experience of the employee. Whether that’s to help them with productivity, technology or bonding with your fellow colleagues, there are plenty of benefits to look forward to. At Cobus Spaces we design inspiring offices that are bespoke to your needs and characteristics as a brand. Driven by your inspiration and our expertise in the field we create awe-inspiring areas that leave a lasting impression for visitors and employees alike. Speak to our team to find out how we can transform your space.