What do Colours Mean in the Workplace?

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Remember the days of bland magnolia walls that sparked little inspiration? Thankfully, office design has gone in a much more vibrant direction to enhance creativity, productivity and making work environments more aesthetically pleasing. It’s challenging enough knowing which shade of green we want in our own homes, let alone in an office space, that’s why it’s important to choose a colour that the workforce can all get along with but also matches your company branding and personality. You’d be surprised at how much colour affects our day-to-day output as well as the impression it gives to visitors or clients.

Picture by Clint Randall www.pixelprphotography.co.uk

Psychology of Colour in a Workplace

When we think of psychology in the workplace we tend to look at the challenges that can make us feel stressed or anxious – from workloads to tight deadlines and relationships. However, colour psychology can also have an impact on how we feel. From wellbeing to our output and efficiency, colour psychology plays a bigger role in our work life than we’d initially thought. Colours can also heighten our heart rate or blood pressure because it can trigger unwanted memories, or make us feel at ease.

The topic of colour within interior design doesn’t have to be limited to wall paint, but can expand to furniture, plants, flowers, and accessories. Take a look at your current branding and see how you can extract elements from your company logo into the workplace so that all assets are aligned with each other for a professional and coherent look. This can be achieved in different parts of the building depending on how much or how little you’d like colour to have an influence.


Impact of Colours in an Office

Now we know that colours can have a psychological effect on us in the workplace, it’s time to understand what this truly means and what reactions can be caused by certain colours.

Warm colours such as red, yellow and orange are grouped together due to their connotations of summer as well as signifying a number of emotions. Yellow for example reminds us of sunshine and is noted as a happy colour, one of trust, hope and can lead to increased levels of creativity. However, when placed in an office environment it can cause a strain on the eyes and headaches for employees due to its bright nature. Therefore placing yellow on the ceiling or partially in collaborative spaces is a good idea as it’s a subtle way to include the colour, as is orange with its eye-catching appeal that isn’t too bold, but instead inviting and friendly. Red on the other hand is a powerful colour that exemplifies increased efficiency, ambition and energy, so should be included strategically and in small amounts.

On the other hand, cool colours such as blues and greens create a more relaxing and calming environment. With blue, there is a wide range of tones that can be applied in an office space with each presenting a different feeling. Deep blues such as navy can enhance confidence, trust, peace and loyalty which is perfect for the meeting room when you’re negotiating deals. Whilst lighter tones can denote tranquility and serenity which is ideal for well-being rooms when employees need a moment to unwind. A blue colour is typically used in open-plan workspaces as is green which can help to reduce fatigue. It also makes us feel one with nature and encourages thoughts of optimism and growth.

How can we help?

It’s our mission at Cobus Spaces to deliver inspiration, creativity and productivity into the workplace. Our dedicated interior design team are specialists in understanding what colours complement each other and how the physiology of those colours can have an impact on your workforce and also the overall atmosphere of your office space. We help to bring your brand to life with our expertise in the industry, vast client base and by partnering with high-quality manufacturers to transform your office. Our professional and innovative approach to design makes us a first choice for office fit-outs and renovations with a complete turn-key project management service that will reignite your company.