How Much Will an Office Fit Out Cost in 2024

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The prospect of investing in a new office fit-out is an exciting one for both employers and employees. It’s an opportunity to review how your current office is working and what changes and additions you need to create a more productive workplace. No longer does a fresh coat of paint cut it for improving your office, it’s all about the fit-out. This includes introducing new areas to the working environment for improved wellbeing, collaboration and welcoming new clients. However, as with any construction project, there is a cost. Whilst there is no blanket cost for all office fit-outs, careful planning and budgeting will help to determine how much the overall overheads will be. 

The Cobus Guide to the Cost of Your Fit-Out in 2024.

Please note that the figures you will see in the guide are calculated based on assumptions such as base build and CAT A Power and HVAC requirements are in suitable condition.

Factors Influencing Office Fit-Out Costs

There are a variety of areas to consider when looking at the numbers for your upcoming renovation.

Location – If your office is located in a city, chances are prices will be higher due to the demand for labour and premium office space.

Size of Office – A smaller office will most certainly cost less than a larger one due to the nature and time taken to complete the project.

Scope of Work – For a basic refurbishment, costs will be lower than a more ambitious high-end renovation that features bespoke elements which will increase the overall cost.

Materials and Finishes – Materials have certainly risen in price over the last couple of years, do your research into how much different types of wood, glass and metal cost if you’re searching for a more reasonable price.

Technology and Infrastructure – For companies that not only want to overhaul the aesthetics of the office but the computers, technology and infrastructure too, this will impact between 15-20% of your budget.

Regulatory Requirements – All offices must adhere to the latest fire and building regulations, accessibility and health and safety. This will require certain certificates and in some cases planning permission for the project to go ahead.

Breakdown of Costs

Pre Fit-Out Costs

Before any construction begins, there are the essential planning stages that will map out how the project will come together with schedules, design fees and consultancy. It’s beneficial to have a professional team on board who will guide you through the pre-fit-out process as they’ll be able to identify any areas you haven’t thought about and will also have an expert team on hand to help bring your vision to life. They’ll also be able to assist with budgeting by providing transparent and honest estimates of the office fit-out costs.


If your office renovation includes structural changes such as adding new walls, flooring and ceilings, expect your office refurbishment costs to be higher than a simple fit-out due to the work involved. Knocking down pillars and building new spaces requires experienced and qualified professionals who understand the latest rules and regulations. The construction team may also encounter some issues along the way, so make sure to factor any buffer funds and time into your budget and schedule. Commercial fit-out prices for construction will certainly be determined by location and the scope of work.

Mechanical and Electrical

Similar to construction work, mechanical and electrical improvements will also need a professional brought on board for the project. They’ll be able to assist with lighting and electrical installations as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, which is key for the comfort of your employees. Their specialist skills will deliver high-quality results that will transform your working space into a vibrant and inviting environment. Integrated technology such as connectivity will also come under this umbrella so that everyone can carry out their work efficiently and effectively.


To truly revamp your office, investing in new furniture is a simple yet effective way to improve the aesthetic of your interior design. This is key when looking at your office redesign budget as it can make the difference between an expensive or an affordable office fit-out. There are plenty of high-end brands and manufacturers who produce stunning desks, chairs and storage, plus there’s the option to have bespoke furniture made that is uniquely designed for you. For a more cost-effective solution, second-hand and recycled furniture is an excellent option to keep costs down and is also an environmentally friendly choice.

When looking at office fit-out costs in 2024, there are plenty of factors to bear in mind when considering if now is the right time. If a refurbishment is part of your strategy to expand the office due to growing staff members or it’s simply become too dated to function properly, there are many advantages for the investment. It’s essential to be honest with your budgets and have realistic goals in mind for the office space planning costs. That way you’ll comfortably be able to afford the overall amount thanks to your effective budgeting. Collaborating with an established company such as Cobus Spaces allows us to deliver estimated costs with no hidden fees. We’re renowned for designing and delivering innovative projects that not only maximise your space but makes the most of your budget too.