The benefits of installing desk dividers

In previous blogs, we’ve looked at how open and shared workspaces inspire employee collaboration and productivity.

However, sometimes it pays to have privacy, which is where desk dividers, or desk screens, come into their own.

Available in a wide range of sizes, designs and colours, they can make a great addition to all office environments.

Desk dividers offer privacy and separation

Below, we’ve listed a few of reasons why businesses chose to install them and why they are an integral part of modern office designs:

Privacy & Security

In some office environments, such as banks or medical practices, sensitive information needs to be protected. This can be difficult in a large, open plan workspace, but strategically placed desk dividers offer security by hiding confidential information that other employees should not be seeing.

Privacy in general is important and desk dividers not only protect information on computer screens, but also block out noise pollution from the rest of the office by preventing employees’ voices travelling and disrupting private phone calls.

Desk dividers protect confidential information


Allowing employees to have a personalised space can boost their sense of independence and morale at the company, which in turn can have a measurable impact on their wellbeing, motivation and productivity.

Desk dividers encourage organisation and tidiness as each employee is given a sense of ownership and responsibility over their work area.

As well as helping employees to feel valued, desk dividers can also help to prevent the loss of important documents as they are more likely to be located at a clearly defined, personalised desk.

Desk dividers provide employees with a sense of responsibility and ownership


Another benefit of desk dividers is that they offer an excellent platform for accessories such as monitor arms, trays, shelves and lighting, which all free up valuable workspace on the desk surfaces.

Their storage and organisation capabilities can also offer ergonomic benefits if, for instance, a pivotal monitor arm is attached to the desk divider to lift the computer screen off of the desk. This can allow employees to focus on their screens for longer periods of time, by reducing eye strains and headaches.

Attaching a monitor to a desk divider can also be used to create a sit-stand desk, which can help to reduce the risk of aches, injuries, cardiovascular disease and other unhealthy effects brought on by prolonged sitting.

Desk dividers can free up more valuable workspace


Businesses can use desk dividers to utilise branding. As well as their functional capabilities of providing privacy and storage, they can come in a wide variety of colours and styles to match a company’s values. finishes. They’re also a great way to brighten up the office, creating a more vibrant, welcoming space for employees, customers and clients.

Just by having a businesses’ logo and colour themes applied to desk dividers, they can greatly enhance a businesses’ visual identity and unique personality.

A company’s branding can be enhanced through desk dividers

Overall, desk dividers offer more than one purpose and should not be overlooked when designing an office. At Cobus, we understand the importance of privacy, that’s why we offer desk dividers that keep confidential information secure, increase practicality and boost productivity.