How to get inspired for your interior renovation

It’s no secret that feeling inspired is at the heart of great design results in the creative industry; whether that’s something as small as writing a story, mastering a painting or planning an interior renovation. Few artists and designers can gain unique and innovative ideas without taking inspiration from their surroundings; but knowing where to look isn’t always a simple task.


Browsing online

We were once limited to printed sources of inspiration – from magazines to posters. Whilst these are still effective in providing high quality text and imagery, a never-ending catalogue of pictures and interactive methods of collecting content are becoming increasingly available to online users. Pinterest, a popular place to which those looking for inspiration will venture, provides content for an endless array of search topics. This interactive site offers contemporary imagery that can be saved as a ‘pin’ across your custom private and public boards.


Similarly, Designspiration, an interactive, neutral content collecting website, is specifically aimed at those looking for inspiration within the design industry and so offers a much broader range in this field.



Offering customised viewing and the ability to create a visual mood board, Niice is another popular design inspiration website that allows users to collect material that they like, before collating it together into a visual display.


Social media

Social media platforms, despite being used to keep up with the latest news and activity, are also great for discovering new design ideas; particularly high-quality image-heavy sites, such as Instagram, Flickr and Tumblr. It’s also a great idea to use these platforms to ‘follow’ designers and influencers that you like, to keep up-to-date with the latest trends.



Online and print magazines

Magazines should never be overlooked when looking for visual inspiration. Featuring both images and text, magazines delve deeper into specific styles and ideas, giving the reader a detailed insight into particular types of design. Elle Decoration UK and Architectural Digest are just two of the many design-focused magazines available to those seeking inspiration.


Those who like to create mood boards by hand may also find magazines a more suited source of inspiration, cutting out anything that sparks creativity and collating it all together on a large canvas.



Explore design blogs

It’s surprising how much knowledge and inspiration you can gain by discovering new interiors and design-focused blog pages – particularly by following those created by design experts. Blogs such as Apartment 34 and The Design Sheppard offer visual inspiration in the form of the latest colour, material and furniture trends.



Speak to a professional designer

If you’re really looking to create a space that’s aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and professional, then speaking to a design expert can be the best way to take your design research to the next level. Not only will the designer point you in the right direction of inspirational sources that are suited to you, but they’ll also offer expert advice on the best suppliers – and even assess your space to help you make the best use of it in the coming renovation.


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