The Cobus customer journey

At Cobus, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We take each customer on a journey that starts with the consultation process, and continues after project completion. This allows us to make sure that we’re always giving our customers the best and most consistent service possible.


Initial enquiry and consultation

The journey begins right from the very first enquiry, where we start to communicate with the potential customer via website, email or phone. After receiving an enquiry, we respond with an introductory PowerPoint presentation and phone call. During the call, we discuss specific customer needs and challenges, before arranging a face-to-face meeting. We continue to collaborate with the customer and listen carefully to them in their surroundings, making an effort to gain a real understanding of their workplace challenges and goals.



Portfolio, propositions and the client brief

Using the support of our existing case studies, photographs and testimonials from recent projects, we introduce the extent of our capabilities and services. Simultaneously, we propose solutions and ideas that we would bring to the project. We then suggest a further collaborative meeting with the Cobus surveying and design team.

After creating a customer brief with the support of the client, the design team will produce dynamic and productive design schemes with estimated costs. We then recommend that the customer comes to visit our offices, and/or arrange product demos, fabric and flooring samples so that the customer is equipped with all of the information and resources needed to peruse in their own time.

We then continue to collaborate with the customer, offering further site visits, manufacturer’s showroom visits and, if needed, tours around recently completed client projects. Following this, we’ll produce accurate quotation proposals based on the personal Cobus/customer journey so far, whether that’s bespoke or standard, turnkey or just certain areas of works; whatever the client needs to procure the project.



Staying in contact

The Cobus team will continue to stay in contact with the client throughout, whilst being on-hand for queries, other suggestions and price negotiations.

With Cobus having won the project, the customer relations team will then handover the details to the project team, who will project manage the works in close liaison with the design team. They will continue to collaborate with the customer to discuss project schedules and lead times.

Throughout their entire duration, Cobus will professionally project manage the works, maintaining constant one-to-one interaction with the customer and relevant contractors. Total customer care is always the priority of the Cobus team, meaning our customer relations team and directors stay tuned throughout the project for further variations, extra support and peace of mind.


Project completion

Upon completion, a full handover process will occur, whatever the size of the project. This includes one or more personal site visit to ensure the customer is fully happy, before the final invoice is raised.

The Cobus team then love to professionally photograph the project for our records, social media updates and website updates. The customer is welcome to a set of the photos for their own use, with no charge or obligation.

At Cobus, the customer journey never ends. Even after completion and payment, the Cobus team is always on-hand with the same personal touch, and the same great team to help our client on their next project – however large or small.