Which interior design style is right for you?

Whether you’re looking to redesign a corporate or personal space, it’s a good idea to know the kind of style that you’d like to re-create, as this will result in an interior design that’s coherent in both functionality and aesthetics. If you’re planning a corporate renovation, it’s best to work with a design that suits your brand personality and values, and meets the functional needs of your employees. You can work with almost any interior style, adapting it to suit; but it’s not always easy to know which style suits you, and your business, best.



The traditional style suits those looking for a luxe aesthetic, marrying classic style with sophisticated and sumptuous furnishings. Traditional styles are typically timeless, and so are a great fit for corporate spaces, since as an employer, it’s not sustainable to renovate too often. Dark-coloured woods are a classic statement of traditional design, with luxury fabrics – such as velvet and leather – being used to create long-lasting, durable finishes.



Scandinavian-inspired design has risen in popularity across Europe, with many looking towards its combination of simplicity and clean lines for inspiration of an uncluttered, highly satisfying space that makes the most of natural lighting. Scandinavian design is commonly incorporated in the home, since the neutral colour tones make way for impactful colour pops and experimentation with a variety of materials. Scandi-inspired design is also great for the workplace, since the emphasis placed on maximising natural lighting falls in-line with its positive impact on employee engagement and productivity.



Typically characterised by exposed bricks, rustic-style wood and modern, stylish pendant lights, the industrial style is perfect for employers who are looking for something a little unique and edgy. This is ideal for design-led businesses who wish to portray their creativity within their interior design.



Contemporary design is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a modern style with softer accents. From curved lines to layered tones, this style can be easily adapted to meet a wide variety of personal and corporate interior needs, offering a comforting and welcoming atmosphere. What’s more, cream and neutral based colour schemes form the core of this design, allowing for brand personality and colours to shine through.




Placing focus on the bare minimum, this style incorporates only the necessary items, focusing on intricate details. Whilst neutral colour palettes and functionality are a large part of this design, character can be found through the use of natural materials, textures and colour pops. Minimalism is a great style to adopt if you like uncluttered spaces and clean lines, and works great for both corporate and personal interior design. The neutral colour palettes and minimal design allows for collaboration with other styles; you could add in a few traditional-focused elements, such as velvet finishes, or use biophilic design as a focus point, perhaps with a plant wall.



Within the workplace, adopting a style that’s timeless, fits your corporate values and offers versatility is a great place to start, since you’ll have the opportunity to play around with high-quality design pieces whilst ensuring that your brand personality shines through.


If you’re thinking of renovating your space but you’re not sure where to start, contact a member of our team here for more advice.