Why are industrial office designs so popular?

The industrial style refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design that takes inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces.

Popular in commercial workspaces, industrial designs tend to showcase neutral tones, utilitarian furniture and wood and metal surfaces, to achieve the ‘warehouse look’.

But why are more and more offices today deciding to adopt this ‘chic’ style?

Below, we’ve listed some of the reasons why businesses and organisations are choosing to create an industrial workspace:

Industrial office designs are growing in popularity

Authentic appeal

There is something aesthetically pleasing about stripped-back architecture such as heavy-duty steel and utilitarian surfaces made from natural wood. These honest and durable additions to an office setting bring a sense of authenticity.

It creates a comfortable, unassuming environment that blends beauty and functionality, while also being effective at building a company brand.

The stripped-back elements of an industrial design make is visually pleasing

Showcasing brand

As mentioned above, utilising an industrial design can be a great way to show how humble and hard-working a business is.

The ‘back to basics’ approach can attract potential employees and customers, and ultimately present the company as an exciting prospect that they are going to want to be involved in.

By keeping the design open and light with the inclusion of natural elements, companies can provide a point of interest and promote a personality unique to them.

Companies can use industrial designs to promote their brand


Another trend of the industrial look is the movement toward green construction and up-cycling.

Using recycled office furniture will show you’re big on sustainability and taking action towards reducing the effects of climate change.

Refurbished wooden chairs, tables and even scaffolding can be used to create an honest, clean, eco-friendly office environment that will stand out in the minds of consumers and investors.

Industrial designs can help create an eco-friendly workplace


One of the biggest benefits of having an industrial office design is that it can be easily adapted and cross-functional. Durable metal and wooden workstations can be converted and used in different settings to inspire collaboration or provide more space for team building activities, which can ultimately save a business money.

Durable wooden furniture can be easily moved to open up more space

Overall, industrial office designs, from their rustic exposed finishes to their raw and stripped-back interiors, create an honest and humble workspace where practicality, sustainability and aesthetics are utilised to enhance brand appeal.