The story of when wood met metal ~ an unusual romance that works!

It’s not often that a design enters the workplace that challenges the norm. It takes talented designers, engineers and marketers months if not years to come up with iconic ideas that stand the test of time. A design that is to become icon needs to surpass trends and look beyond what culture is asking for in the current marketplace to look for a connection. Not so much of a connection that users are openly aware that they have seen the product before, or so much so that the product looks awkward or uncomfortable because it is so far out of their comfort zone. There is a sweet spot that sits right in the middle of safe and the unknown.

One of these introductions into the workplace is the honesty of exposing the inner working of the building. Pipework, metal ducting, exposed wires and raw finishes. There is nothing like walking into a ‘life-full’ office space and feeling like you can see the underbelly of the business right in front of you, through the interior. This look is not one that just shows a designer wanting to make a bold statement, but of one of the company branding, showing its’ bravery to be honest. This environment can be created not just through the walls, ceilings and carpet, but the furniture as well. Industrial has now brought wood and metal together. Creating contrast, juxtaposition, divide, not too dissimilar from a classic romance novel. The materials do not match in any way at all, the warming wood against the cold metal frame. The stark different textures and tactile qualities of the sleek chrome versus the natural ridge and furrow of hard woods now replicated through modern techniques in laminates.

This industrial quality is perfectly embodied in the ‘Block’ family. Available in two table heights and three lengths, with the large version accommodating 8 persons in comfort – the timeless collection is ideal for all office, breakout, eating and leisure environments. It very much suits café style interiors where communal dining is the trend, or corporate meeting and hot-desking touch down areas.

Extremely robust and practical, minimalistic and versatile; the BLOCK range has a classic design appeal with a huge range of uses. Standing or seated, work or play, dining or touch-down; it’s today’s essential collection of furniture aimed at bringing people together!

Sometimes the best designs are the simplest. These creations bring order and style to your collaborative areas, with a vast range of finishes and styles. This contemporary range of bench tables can be supplied at normal height or the ever popular standing/poseur height, for a quick coffee and focus meet. We also offer it available as a stock option in white with plywood edges for added design detail.

Block has two leg options to choose from, Steel frame which can be powder coated in whole range of colours, and Panel End or which can be finished in a wide choice of laminates, with a large selection of exiting edge colours & finishes to choose from. Each table and bench unit can be specified to individual preference with a classic wood effect or a more fun, vibrant 2 & 3-tone colour combo.

Clean lines, no fuss and high class – it’s a winner!