2016 Trend Review

With the many things that happened in 2016 (Brexit, US elections, Andy Murry winning Wimbledon) I think it’s fair to say that last year was a year of uncertainty, but through it all we have come through it and are now aiming for an even better 2017!

First of all it is becoming more common not to have a permanent desk. Many companies now have breakout areas where staff can take their work somewhere else instead of having the general buzz of the office distracting them. A break-out area can be somewhere welcoming where staff have the opportunity to have a break from their desk.

It is becoming less regular for meetings to be held in boardrooms. Meetings can be easily held in collaboration areas rather than having to book up the board room in advance.

Having a hot desk means that if you’re out and about on appointments you can touch down with your laptop for a few minutes and carry on with you work while you wait for your next appointment.

In terms of finishes there have been two key trends within office interiors in 2016, wall graphics and the move way from ‘Beech’ coloured worktops. No longer were we looking for a simple feature wall in a bold colour, we wanted pattern, bricks, planks, typography, you name it. Anything, it seems can now be made into a wall covering! In regards to surface finishes. Everything has gone much more natural, the ‘old but new’ look. Through the introduction of driftwood, winter oak and vintage finishes, offices welcomed a warmer aesthetic.

As people are becoming more aware and conscious of having an eco-friendly environment there is less paper work around the workplaces, which means less storage is needed.

There has been an increase in living walls in 2016. Not only are they there for looking good, it has been suggested that plants in the office can; reduce stress, increase productivity, reduce sickness and absence, make the air cleaner to breath in, make a better environment to work in.

The trends of the work place are changing all the time, we can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring to the workplace!