The Future of Commercial Interior Design

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A contemporary office space isn’t just a place to carry out your daily work – it’s a community, an escape from home, and an area to achieve goals on a collaborative and individual level. Gone are the days of bland commercial interior design where magnolia and silos were the flavour of the decade, office design has stepped up a notch tenfold and is full of personality ready to be awakened. It’s a reflection of a company’s brand, a building where clients feel inspired as soon as they walk into the reception, and ultimately an area where employees feel motivated and ready to conquer their to-do list.

But in 2022 in particular, the design community has taken a lot on board to echo the mood of the nation and move forward in a positive direction for the future of office design.

In this post-Covid world, we have become more conscious about our personal well-being and have taken measures to protect ourselves from getting ill. Whether that’s improving personal hygiene, avoiding public transport, or continuing to wear a mask in public, we all have our own ways to ease ourselves out of the pandemic. One notable difference is flexible working and pursuing a better work-life balance. From remote working at home or even in a different country, there needs to be a draw to get people excited to come back into the office.

Design trends over the last few years have innovated and revolutionised the boring office spaces of the past. Interior designers are now bringing in elements that are bold and unique by injecting brand colours in paint schemes and decor, whilst adding more benefits within the workplace for employees to enjoy. Some of the requests and increases in popularity include:

1. Collaborative areas that feel like home

We know that you’ll never feel as relaxed as you do at the end of the working day sitting on the sofa watching TV, but there are design elements that can help with that. For many who would work from home during the pandemic, they were carrying out tasks at their dining room table or if they’re lucky, in their own home study. The one thing that made this experience more relaxing was having those home comforts just a few footsteps away. From cushions to throw blankets, indoor plants, beanbags to statement lights, there are plenty of ways to make an office feel more homely. The word ‘resimercial’ has been coined to describe this blend of residential and commercial aspects to build a more relaxed and ambient environment. It also helps to boost productivity and creativity because you’ve broken down those walls of being in a soulless space with little inspiration.

2. An increase in eco-friendly materials

As employees and individuals are becoming more conscious about their impact on the environment, the rise of stylish materials that don’t impact the planet compared to fast-fashion and mass-produced products are in demand. Companies are taking pride in being sustainable ambassadors as part of their social responsibility ethos which can easily be adapted in office interior design. From 100% post-industrial glass to second-hand items, there are plenty of ways to be design savvy whilst stepping up your contribution to tackling climate change. There’s also things to bear in mind such as carbon-neutral suppliers, purchasing from those who put something back into their community like planting trees, or producing products using solar energy.

3. Add a level of luxury

As we see a rise in collaborative working spaces, there are a number of offices across the UK which really have the wow factor as soon as you walk through the door – to the point you feel like you’re in a fancy hotel. From gold, silver and bronze details to plush sofas, impressive lighting structures, enviable refreshment areas and conference rooms that feature all the latest technology, there are plenty of ways to make an office feel high-end. You could also purchase items from local designers and artists who are in keeping with your brand. Make it a place to be proud of, to give employers something to look forward to when coming into work in the morning.

4. Provide wellness spaces

On the topic of enticing staff to want to work more from the office, there has been a rise in recent years of break-out spaces and entertainment areas. Not only does it give the team a chance to let their hair down, it also helps support their mental health and time away from the computer to potentially come up with new ideas. There are many ways to achieve this from yoga spaces to in-house gyms, cinema and games rooms or even pop-up spa and learning spaces. It’s an opportunity to provide employees more benefits than the standard package and makes your company an enjoyable place to work, and one that people value being part of.

5. Covid-compliant spaces

Whilst Covid isn’t top priority on our minds any more, it’s still a factor that will always sit with us. Office spaces need to be an environment where employees feel safe and comfortable. From more hand sanitising facilities to better spacing between computers. Cleanliness is also key and it might be worth looking into purchasing easy to clean surfaces such as laminate sheets or quartz and steel table tops which are non-porous and simple to maintain. It’s also important to remember the basics, like letting natural light and fresh air into the building.

Each building is different and each company has their own characteristics and personality that they want to incorporate within their office space. At Cobus Spaces we understand that each project is different from one to the next. We thrive on being part of your refurbishment process from start to finish with our leading design services and expert consultants who deliver high-quality results. We have our finger on the pulse of the latest designs and are always looking to the future of commercial interior design. Using the finest materials and outstanding manufacturers we collaborate with you on design concepts, build and upgrades that facilitate your budget and needs.


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