The Importance of Space in Commercial Interiors

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Regardless of the size of your commercial space, there are plenty of ways to get imaginative with its interiors. Whether youre producing design concepts for retail shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, offices, or other public spaces, they need to be comfortable and attractive above all else. A commercial space has many uses. From being a pleasant working environment, to selling a product or offering a service, therefore the versatility of commercial interior designing is one that needs to be taken seriously. You want both customer and employee satisfaction, and there are a plethora of ways you can do this by bringing in new trends and also taking inspiration from other commercial interiors. 

1.  Use an interior design company

When designing a commercial space or office space, it’s always recommended to bring in a design consultant who can assist with your upgrade or refurbishment. They’ll support your project by providing guidance and advice in the early stages, conducting research for you. A design consultant will talk to your management team and employees to fully encapsulate the vision, whilst conducting space evaluations to ensure the correct solution is created and how to optimise your space well if you have a restricted amount of room, or on the flip side have ample areas to play with. 

2. Implementing a sustainable and eco-friendly environment

As for what to put in your commercial space, think about eco-friendly environments and the rise in popularity of indoor plants. Businesses are looking to improve their corporate responsibility and sustainability and there are a variety of ways to implement this. Look at investing in furniture and accessories from businesses who are carbon neutral. Also think about incorporating natural elements such as wood, stones, grass and plants into the design. Not only does this present a calming atmosphere it also helps to improve concentration and promotes health.

3. Use natural lighting

Its not always viable but having the luxury of outside space is becoming more important to consumers and employees. Following the pandemic, it can be easy to feel claustrophobic and isolated, therefore people are more likely to long for natural light from the outside than artificial lighting that can be harsh. Positioning desks nearer windows and utilising glazing instead of full partitions are ways to allow more natural light into the workplace, advancing your way to a healthier office. Studies have shown that increased natural light in a working environment, increases concentration and productivity.

4. Contemporary frameless glass

If youre thinking about creative partitions within a large space to have designated areas for products or office space, then its out with old and in with the new. Gone are the days of felt and plastic silos, its all about contemporary frameless glass which makes a space more attractive and luxurious. Not just for walls, it can be used as door systems, windows or furniture and can occupy little space giving the illusion of a larger area. 

5. Functuality and the feng shui of the layout

If youre planning a new interior space for an office, then think about its functionality and the feng shui of the layout. Make sure its easy for your team to manoeuvre and how much desk space each individual will need to fulfil their day-to-day tasks. Also think about how noise will impact the rest of the office, whether thats by isolating the printer or sound proofing the conference room so that the rest of the office isnt distracted.

6. Bold accessories

When putting the finishing touches to your commercial space, think about adding bold accessories to draw the attention of clients. When inviting new people into your commercial space you dont want them to walk into a space that is easy to forget. 

7. Future use

Another important aspect is to consider how your space will be used for future use. Say for example you may need to put on an event, how easy is it to move certain parts of furniture to make way for additional people and promotional items. 

8. Health and safety

Finally, health and safety should always be at the forefront of any commercial space project. You need to think about building and fire code regulations, as well as keeping aisles clear for evacuation and that cables dont lead to a fire hazard.


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