The benefits of glass partitioning

Modern open-plan workspaces, as we touched upon in a previous blog, encourage collaboration and inspire creativity, but businesses still need a quiet space away from the buzz of an open-plan office, where important and private meetings can be held.

Glass partitioning is one of the most popular and effective solutions for providing private spaces within the office, without feeling completely cut-off. And it’s not just its slick appearance which has offices, schools and commercial spaces investing in it…

Glass partitioned rooms are common in many offices, schools and commercial spaces

Below, we’ve listed a few of the benefits glass partitioning can offer businesses:


One of the key reasons employers choose to install glass partitioned spaces is privacy. As mentioned above, while the sharing of ideas in an open-plan office is beneficial, businesses still need an enclosed space where noise is effectively blocked from filtering through.

Double glazed glass partitioning achieves this and allows meetings to take place in the busy buzz of an office, but without the noise. Even if glass doors are installed, acoustic, frameless glass partitioning closely matches its solid counterparts in noise reduction.

A sense of privacy can also be increased through frosted, tinted or coloured glass, without compromising on its smart and stylish appearance.

Frosted glass enhances privacy in a glass partitioned office


For young, fast growing businesses, expansion can be rapid and an increase in staff often creates the need of more space. Glass partitioning allows businesses to change the layout of their offices to suit their needs as they grow.

They are also an excellent choice for businesses that plan on reconstructing their workspace in the near future, as they are completely bespoke and can be set-up and moved with ease.

No work is required to the internal structure of a building.

Natural Light

Glass partitioned offices maximise the dispersion of natural light, which plays a huge part in workforce productivity. Natural light indirectly affects our mood and behaviour so having a space that utilises it can result in happier workers, less absenteeism, fewer illnesses and ultimately, increased productivity.

Natural light is dispersed throughout a glass partitioned office and can have many health benefits

Pleasing Aesthetics

The bright, clean and stylish finish of glass partitioning can make a great first impression on existing, new or potential clients. Designs can slot seamlessly into a contemporary office setting and can be adorned with customisable glass manifestations to assert brand identity.

The glass can be used to enforce brand identity and is aesthetically pleasing

Cost Effective

Due to its fast and easy installation and reusability, glass partitioning can be very cost-effective. No work is required to the internal structure of a room when the glass is installed, which can save businesses money if they ever needed to alter their office layout.

Additionally, if a business moves premises, the glass can easily be disassembled and taken with it.

The increase of natural light in a glass partitioned space will also save energy costs on artificial lighting.

Glass partitioning is fast and easy to install

At Cobus, our experienced design team have the right mix of creative flair and technical ingenuity to install glass partitioned spaces that create a more vibrant, productive and happy workplace.