Creating a workspace with the right work/life balance

Gone are the days of the traditional 9 to 5 job, as more employees stay connected to their work around the clock through digital technology such as smartphones and tablets.

Having the resources to work 24/7 has blurred the boundaries between life in and outside the office, increasing the risk of exhaustion – or ‘burn out’ – through overworking.

Therefore, it is fundamental employers take into account the impact their office environment has on employees’ health and wellbeing.

So, we’ve put together a list of some of the ways businesses can establish an innovative workspace where employees can work, relax and socialise:

Most modern businesses have an area in the office where employees can go to unwind and relax

Create a Breakout Zone

A breakout zone is an area within the office where staff can take some time away from the screen to reenergise themselves, whether that be through unwinding on comfy furniture, socialising with colleagues or even playing games such as pool or table tennis.

Having an area where employees can relax can improve wellness and alleviate stress, while ultimately encouraging movement and fostering interaction among colleagues.

The atmosphere in these ‘zones’ is important. They should adopt styles such as the Resimercial design, creating a home away from home. Warmth and comfort is key and can be achieved through homely furniture, bright colours and natural textures.

These spaces can also be used as ‘quiet areas’, where employees working overtime can unwind and break up their shift.

Having games like table tennis in the office can help alleviate stress

Encourage Team Bonding

Businesses that have fixed hours for staff usually allocate a one-hour lunch break from around 1pm for all employees. This is a great opportunity for the whole team to eat together, share ideas or take part in office activities such as exercise, workshops or games.

Having an area for team bonding activities such as an informal meeting room or large open space will nurture employee satisfaction and appreciation, while boosting motivation and productivity.

An informal setting where employees can socialise will boost team morale

Promote Health Initiatives

The blurring of work/life boundaries in today’s modern offices can sometimes force employees to sacrifice their health and fitness. Trying to sandwich gym sessions or runs between office hours and home life can be a dilemma, particularly if you have children, but having an area to perform these necessities at work is hugely beneficial.

A shared space where you can host a weekly yoga class or Zumba sessions not only improves both mental and physical wellbeing, but strengthens team morale. Or, if you would rather promote health through relaxation over high performance activities, then an occasional visit by a professional masseuse could help soothe staff in a stressful environment.

A space that can be used to promote health and fitness will increase employee appreciation

At Cobus, we create inspiring spaces that businesses can utilise to perfect work/life balance. We believe offices should be used by the healthy and happy, so we ensure that ethos is carried over and portrayed in all of our designs.