How Important Is Having a Good Interior For Your Office?

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In the same way you want your home to look aesthetically pleasing with interior design, office spaces deserve the same treatment for the benefit of the company and its employees. There are many ways to improve your working environment with a number of good office design additions.

1. Reflect the company branding into the office 

Firstly, you want to reflect the personality of the business. Get to the bones of your companys character and think about what makes you stand out above your competitors and the attributes that run throughout your team. Perhaps youre dynamic, youthful, forward-thinking or professional but with an edge. Also take a look at your businessbranding and see how you can incorporate colours into your working spaces and maybe have some fun with the company logo when it comes to graphics. You would have spent a decent amount of time initially thinking about company branding, so why not dedicate time into injecting those style factors into your office to make an impactful office environment to work in. Its all about reflecting the company brand and culture. 

2. The impact of design in your office

Speaking of impact, you want to make a good first impression on visitors and clients. From the moment they walk through the doors you want their eyes, nose and ears to be awakened. The reception area is certainly a good place to start when improving the office interior design. Think about adding plants, a certain scent, accessories such as clocks and artwork and those finer touches such as branded stationary to make your business really stand out. You want people to walk away remembering how great of an experience they had in your office. This includes when theyre being shown around and the hospitality they receive with items such as a high quality coffee machine and a variety of beverages, or bathrooms that are above the usual standard. 

3. Allows your team to enjoy working

As well as impressing visitors, ultimately you want to make your team enjoy working in the office. As flexible and hybrid working has become more and more popular, you want to look at ways to entice staff to come into the office more often and be part of that buzz. After all, employees spend the majority of their working week in the office, in comparison to their own home. With this in mind, it’s imperative that our workspace is attracting and retaining the talent we’ve worked so hard to get. Whether thats to introduce breakout spaces that increase productivity, games rooms for downtime, or comforting kitchens that make lunchtimes a place of sanctuary to break up the day. This not only gives employees a morale boost, it also encourages teamwork, collaboration, and moments of reflection. Weve seen plenty of inspiration from offices across the world where theyve introduced out of the box ideas such as slides, so do whats best for the team and collate feedback by circulating surveys to employees to find out what they would like to see in their workplace.

4. Using office space efficiently

One thing that does make the workplace disruptive is messy desks and clutter. When you come into the office for a day of work seeing piles of paper, you instantly feel overwhelmed by how much work needs doing. Perhaps its time to go paperless with digital software that can help with this, alternatively invest in storage solutions that can make documents and equipment more discreet so that the office does not look untidy. Think about how youll use office space efficiently and where best placed storage could be utilised – whilst making sure theyre not bland and fit in seamlessly with the rest of your surroundings. 

5. Traditional, contemporary, bold or subtle?

Finally, think about those finishing touches. From lighting to artwork, furniture to technology, what type of style suits your company and its surroundings best. Are you more traditional or contemporary, bold or subtle? Hiring a design & build company will allow you to explore and visualise different interior styles within your space, and see the design come to life with only one company keeping your whole project a seamless and more cost-effective experience.

At Cobus Spaces we are proud to help clients refurbish and upgrade their office spaces to bring out their best potential. We offer guidance and advice from our years of experience in the industry and always work to high standards to present outstanding outcomes for your office using leading manufacturers and the finest skillset from our team. Speak to our consultants to see how we can assist you. 

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