Designing your office? Top tips to consider

When you start planning designs for your office space, you’ll find it is actually very similar to designing your own home. You’ll discover that whether it’s an environment you’re working in or living in, you’re creating something personal to you.

Similarities between the two include lighting and colours, but there are certain areas in designing an office that are fundamental to creating a positive, productive and comfortable office for all.

Here at Cobus, we offer a ‘turnkey’ service that takes clients from the initial design consultation, right through to installation and ongoing aftercare.

It’s through these close working relationships from the very start to finish, that we are able to create offices that perfectly suit the individual needs of each client, from classrooms and science labs to factory canteens and open-plan offices, as well as everything in between.

The Cobus team

Here are a few tips to consider when designing your own office, no matter how big or small:


We’re not talking about artificial lighting here, but natural light. You might be surprised to learn that lighting plays a huge part in workforce productivity, so it’s definitely something to take into account when drawing up ideas.

A recent UK study entitled The Responsible Workplace found that windows were the number one determinant of employees’ levels of satisfaction with a building / workspace.

As well as affecting what and how well we are able to see, lighting also indirectly affects our mood and behaviour. So it’s no surprise natural lighting renovations result in happier workers, less absenteeism, fewer illnesses and ultimately, increased productivity.

Natural lighting in the workspace boosts positivity and productivity


This is a simple, yet important area to look at when designing an office.

Regardless of the size of your space, you want to create an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and where there are limited communication barriers.

Utilising any size space to create an open and easy to navigate office, is a priority.

The open ‘Resimercial’ office style creates a more homely and welcoming atmosphere as opposed to small cubicle desks. It is also known to help stimulate focus, inspire collaboration and establish a company culture.

The Resimercial style creates a homely atmosphere


Stylish, modern furniture is nice and there’s plenty to choose from on the market, but office furniture also needs to be comfortable.

Old, hard and outdated chairs for instance, can increase health problems and reduce productivity, whereas safer and larger contemporary furniture can enhance visibility and encourage collaboration.

You should never have to compromise on wellbeing and comfort. Chairs that allow the user to sit up straight, such as the ergonomical design, can go a long way in improving their physical and cognitive wellbeing.



This one is fairly obvious. Bright, vibrant colours make the environment more visually appealing, thus boosting employee satisfaction.

Striking, bold colours are always a strong choice if you’re tucked away indoors, but using colours that reflect the nature around you also works…which brings us onto our last tip.


Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you have to shut yourself off from the outside world.

More and more offices now incorporate the ‘Biophilic design, which brings nature right into the heart of the workplace. As humans, we have a deep-rooted biological connection to nature, so designing an office to have large, open window views and housing natural materials such as wood, stones and even water features, soothes and inspires the mind.

Wood, stone and natural light in the office improves employee health and wellbeing