Home from home – the rise of ‘Resimercial’ workspace design

‘Resimercial’ – creating a home from home

There’s no denying the shift in working trends over recent years. Whether you believe changes in working patterns are due to the influence of Millennials and digital natives; increased concern over employee wellbeing, or globalisation – offices and workspaces are increasingly favouring a Resimercial style, encompassing more homely and welcoming design elements, over the more inflexible rows of fixed desks and chairs of yesteryear.

The Cubicle Farm - 1980s - Resimercial
The Cubicle Farm – Circa 1980s (Source: Google)

Home comforts

Rather than simply wanting to add a splash of colour and some soft furnishings for the sake of aesthetics, there is more purpose behind the decision to follow the Resimercial trend route. Companies are realising that by embracing a more agile way of working they can both improve employee wellbeing and increase productivity. In the UK, as well as other markets, more of us are choosing to work flexibly, or from home. Therefore, offices are responding to this by making their workspaces more adaptable and flexible to the needs of employees working in this manner. The introduction of collaboration spaces, sit/stand desks, hot desks, privacy pods etc, support workforces who no longer operate in a fixed way in a fixed location.



Allermuir Oran Sofa - Resimercial - Cobus
Photo courtesy of #PerfectPartners Allermuir


Increasingly workers are seeking comfortable environments in which to work, and where are we more comfortable than at home? Companies are discovering that by presenting a warm and welcoming workspace for employees, they are not only attracting the top talent, but retaining them. Research shows that over half (53%) of job hunters would turn down a job offer on the basis that they don’t like the company’s offices, and 41% are deterred by outdated decor.

Cobus creates agile working space with a 'home feel'
Cobus creates agile working space with a ‘home feel’ within a client’s atrium space.

Home is where the heart is

Creating an environment where employees will feel comfortable and inspired isn’t just about adding a few cushions and allowing people to have plants on their desks. To enable employees to feel they are in a space that supports their needs and improves their overall wellbeing, a considered workspace plan is necessary. Understanding how to make the best use of your space is where workspace design consultants, such as Cobus, can add real value. From architectural layout, to lighting, furniture, colour schemes, flooring, etc every element is painstakingly designed to create the most engaging and inspiring space for your employees.

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