Celebrating our #PerfectPartners No.4

Revitalising the workplace

This month we’re celebrating our thoroughly refreshing #PerfectPartners, Wellbeing Group.

All too often we can experience feeling tired, distracted and/or suffer from headaches at work. Commonly this results from being dehydrated or in need of a caffeine/calorie boost. If you ever suffer from feeling sluggish and tired in the workplace, then Wellbeing are here to help. They offer a range of services and products designed to bring energy levels back up and get everyone operating at full steam.

Refreshingly different

We first started working with Wellbeing around 5 years ago, on a strong recommendation from a friend in business. What started out as a partnership on client projects soon became a more vested interest as, being so impressed by their products, we started to use them in our own offices.

Wellbeing Group, Cobus, #PerfectPartners

What makes Wellbeing Group #PerfectPartners?

Besides providing us with ice cool refreshment and delicious tasting coffee, we think Wellbeing make #PerfectPartners because of their relentlessly positive and friendly attitude. We’ve collaborated with them on nearly 30 projects over the past 5 years and their enthusiasm, like a strong cup of java, is a real energy boost for anyone working with them.

They are incredibly dedicated to improving the overall wellbeing of staff across the country whether they work in an office, a school, a hospital, anywhere. Their variety of products and services are all designed to improve our working lives in small, but highly impactful ways.

Wellbeing Group, Cobus, #PerfectPartners

Lasting detail

When we create #InspiringSpaces for our clients, we focus on the holistic environment and its lasting impact on the people utilising the space. From furniture that improves wellbeing (you can read our article on ergonomics here), to colours on the walls that enhance productivity, no detail is too big or too small. Once your fixtures and fittings are in place however we continue to focus on making the space as inspiring as possible. Working with Wellbeing’s solutions enables us to ensure that our clients’ continue to get the most from their new environments even months or years on.

We have no hesitation in recommending Wellbeing to our clients and, after 5 years of being #PerfectPartners, they’re certainly a team we enjoy sharing a coffee with from time to time.

Wellbeing Group, Cobus, #PerfectPartners

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