Speedy Crank Championship

Simon says stand up. Simon says sit down. Stand up. Sit down. Up. Down. Movement keeps you alive.


‘The link between worsening health outcomes and time spent sitting first became apparent in the 1950s when researchers found that London bus drivers were twice as likely to have heart attacks as their bus conductor colleagues. The researchers were concerned that, due to changes in lifestyle and employment, the health problems associated with sedentary behaviour are likely to have worsened.’ BBC News, 2014.


Not only does a Sit Stand Desk invigorate and activate every area of the body, these desks have got to be a revolution for the entire soul. Burning an average of 198 Kcal an hour, versus the 132kcal of sitting, your heart rate is permanently maintained at a higher rate, increasing productivity, positivity and creativity.


The flexible system is fully adjustable from 685mm all the way to 1185mm. Not only can the desk be raised and lowered to give the two required working positions, but it can also increase the comfort level for those who have previously raised their desk up on blocks to achieve a comfortable seating position. With the addition of cable management, horizontally or vertically, work stations can remain not only tidy, by safe. In single or double sided, shared frame, orientations, Sit Stand desks now blend in with your current office interior without visual disturbance.


We appreciate that not everyone is as open to the prospect a ‘Speedy Crank Championships’ on a Friday afternoon, so there are two further options available to raise your workspace towards the clouds. If power is available; the desks can be plugged in to give electric controls, if not, there is also a gas strut option.


Finally, to prove the strength, quality and usability of the double sided crank desks, the Cotswold Team put them to the test. The day results concluded with the crowning Neville, with a close second of Lloyd, to be the 2016 Speedy Crank Champion.