Designs to inspire and nurture your team

When trying to create an office that’s both inspiring and motivating, there’s nothing better than using nature as a source of design inspiration. Many businesses embrace it, with some merely featuring a couple of succulent plants, whilst others go much further, introducing full length botany themed feature walls.

Reverting to nature makes office design more simplistic, with images of minimalism, freshness and brightness coming to mind. All of these aspects help to make an office a more motivational place to work, and can all be found within our surroundings.

You can also incorporate nature-themed furniture through the use of wooden panels, exposed brickwork, and having a multitude of plants dotted around.


Keeping things minimalistic is a growing trend in 2018, with streamlined designs and clutter-free work spaces proving to help clear the mind. Adding texture and colour through a statement wall or centralised table is enough to suggest something different, whilst still maintaining an image of simple yet stylish design. Using a centre table made from wood helps to add texture and an element of uniqueness, whilst still retaining natural materials.

Focus is a key aspect of working efficiently and positively. Choosing a minimalistic design with plenty of open space, when mixed with surrounds that imitate the peace of nature helps to prevent distractions. Additionally, using simple yet complementing colours like white and grey for furniture enhances the open space, making the room feel larger.


Satisfying our sense of touch helps to improve creativity. Try adding in textured chairs, introducing materials such as suede or weave, or perhaps lay a faux fur throw on your desk chair. For a rustic feel, try adding stacks of books to coffee tables or fluffy cushions to the communal sofa. This idea will also help your colleagues to feel more at home.

Put up some inspiring prints

A positive mental attitude can transform your mood for the day. To keep your team feeling motivated, consider hanging up framed quotes (some quotes with a humorous element is also a good idea) for your colleagues to look at when they perhaps feel a little uninspired.

Add in something a little fun

Developing a driven team is helped by bringing in an element of fun through the promotion of work-life balance, which can be fostered via the introduction of things such as a football table or table tennis. Exercising as a team is also great for team bonding and keeping fit, such as trying a yoga class together or taking part in a fitness class. Placing quirky decorations in the office also helps with mental stimulation, such as introducing statement patterned rugs or uniquely designed wall partitions.