How to create a breakout space your employees will love

In the modern day workplace, it’s no longer considered a mere luxury to have access to a breakout zone. It’s now just as important to have a relaxation area as it is to have a high quality work space. More emphasis than ever is being placed on promoting good mental health, and this has been particularly highlighted through the introduction of biophilic design and creating a ‘home-from-home’ working environment.



When looking to create a breakout zone in your workplace, it’s firstly important to consider how many people will use the space, and how you would like it to be used. If you’d like it to be a space where people can take a more relaxed approach to working, then it’s a good idea to think about incorporating distinguishable bright colours. Multi-functional furniture is the key here; comfortable booths are great for providing space to both relax and informally collaborate on projects.



Individual sound-proof pods also work really well in breakout zones, since they can be used for a variety of purposes. If an employee is looking to escape from an open-plan office to focus on an important project, they can easily do so. These pods are also great for meditation, if employees wish to engage in this practise to settle their mind during the working day.


If you’re working with a small space, then you can create multifunctional spaces that can work both as a dining area, and a sociable/collaborative area.



Alternatively, if you’re looking to create a breakout space that’s solely used for playing games and having fun, which, in particular, appeals to the new generation of workers, then you’ll need to think about space and furniture carefully. Beanbags and football tables are particular favourites, with some companies stretching to online/virtual gaming. Regardless of whether you incorporate games, creating a soft seating area will allow your employees to interact in a more comfortable environment.



At Cobus, one of our recent projects involved creating a multifunctional working space for Hartpury College and University. We fitted brightly coloured furniture – which included collaborative booths, and lightweight, portable tables and stools so students can adapt the layout to suit their working style. We fitted indoor wooden cubicles, fitted with televisions and large Fatboy beanbags so that students can take time to relax. Click here to see some images.



Whether you’re working with a large or small space, you can incorporate a breakout zone – whether that’s by creating multifunctional areas or making your collaborative working space separate from your games room. Employees will, regardless, be grateful to have somewhere that they can retreat during a stressful day. It’s tough to sit in the same spot from 9am-5pm, so having a change of scenery can really provide that much needed boost to push through the day.


Aside from employee benefits, incorporating a breakout zone really helps to boost a business’s reputation as being fun, playful, and one which cares for its employees’ wellbeing – working to attract new talent.



At Cobus, our design team are experienced in creating spaces that both stay in line with current interior design trends, and reflect brand personality. To speak to a member of our team, click here.