5 Ways to Create a Productive Office Culture

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A culture based on trust, respect and collaboration is one that will naturally be a productive workplace. Productivity is the byproduct of combining several things together, like the steam coming out of a coal powered engine, you get what you put in.

You’ll want a productive culture in your office because, in order to get that productivity, you will have invested in their well-being, resulting in happy and engaged people. In turn, this can lead to increased profits for business as the quality of the input increases, so does the quality of the output.

So, what steps can be made towards striking this perfect balance?

Comfortable Office

No one wants to spend 8+ hours a day in a building they can’t ever feel comfortable in. The overbearing white lights, the understimulating greige walls and carpet. The kettle that leaves just a slight taste of limescale in it; it’s where creativity and productivity go to die.

There are ways you can make an office comfortable, such as:

  • Warm, adequate lighting
  • Comfortable furniture and break out areas
  • Peaceful working areas
  • A sense of privacy
  • A sense of community

Consider what changes in your office you could do to help achieve a level of working comfort conducive to high-quality productivity which doesn’t come at the expense of your employees’ physical, mental and emotional well-being. You may be surprised at just how much of a difference it could make!

Show Appreciation (to your employees)

Who doesn’t enjoy knowing their efforts are recognised and most importantly, valued? If someone feels like they are valued then they’re more likely to go above and beyond, because there’s more value to their input then, knowing they’re making a difference. It’s also better for business to maintain a lower staff turnover rate, so giving them more compelling reasons to stay on is always in the business’ best interest.

There a few things you can do to show appreciation to employees, such as publicly recognising them for their accomplishments. Investing in an annual internal awards ceremony is an excellent way to publicly recognise employees and have a fun social event. Another way to show appreciation is to invest in their personal and professional development by providing them with learning opportunities so they can stay ahead of the latest industry trends and always advance their skills.

However works for your company culture, showing appreciation is a win-win overall for both employees and employers as it’s a simple way to improve employee morale, productivity and retention.

Communication (Between Employer & Employee)

A well functioning computer will have components that speak to each other easily, with relay happening back and forth to get a task completed. This applies to people and our working and social relationships. Communication between employer and employee is essential for a productive workplace, because people who feel like they can engage with and communicate openly with their managers are more likely to be engaged in their work and feel like they are part of a team. It is this feeling of being a part of something meaningful that bolsters a positive work environment, and we all know by now that a positive work environment can lead to an increase in productivity.

Improving communication starts with introducing channels of openness, such as holding regular meetings and acknowledging or actioning suggestions, done either one-on-one or with the entire team. This’ll give your people a platform to ask questions, share ideas and provide feedback, and knowing they’re not casting thoughts into the void is even better.

Taking Breaks

Taking a break may appear to work against productivity but this is not the case. When an employee is able to take a break they’re able to return to their task refreshed, focused, and with newer ideas at the forefront. It can be frustrating being chained to your desk when you’re stuck, so taking five or ten minutes to not think about the obstacle greases the cogs in the brain and could fire out a solution.

Some people find it helpful just to step outside for some fresh air, while others may do some meditation or breathing exercises; the most important thing is to find the thing that works for you and do it regularly. This is something that everyone at all levels of the business hierarchy should personally implement, as it can relieve burnout and stress of day-to-day operations.

Overall, taking a break improves emotional and mental well-being and creates productivity, so encouragement to step aside for five minutes is a simple way of creating a positive workplace.

Change the Scenery

Breaking up the monotony of working in the same place every day is highly important. In much the same way taking a break does, changing the scenery can  provide a fresh perspective on work tasks and lead to new ideas and solutions; it can also help to reduce stress and fatigue.

There are many ways you can help change the scenery, for example, creating different areas within the office for different tasks. Single pods for zoom/team’s calls, breakout areas for a quick catch-up with a colleague or a large project table where a team can meet to collaborate. Having a games room is another great way to break up the work day and also improve social bonds and another great way to get fresh perspectives on projects.

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