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Cobus have been creating inspiring workplaces for over 40 years, with vast experience in providing solutions for businesses as they grow and adapt to their needs. However, businesses are now facing a new unprecedented challenge which they will have to embrace to move forward. Cobus are here to help you and we have compiled a programme of activities that will assist you to return to work.

Many people are wondering if offices are going to remain the main hive for business. We provide the following long and short term solutions managed by our in-house projects team.


PHASE 1: Immediate Actions

Management Consultation - Strategy for a staged plan to return to work

Post COVID-19 design in the workplace will have a considerable influence on the safety and performance of your employees and the operational efficiency of your business.

As our Design Team continues to research and develop the best methods we offer full consultation on your space.

Our workplace consultancy will focus on office space planning, evaluating a better way that you could utilise your space, addressing any employee concerns with returning to work and the safety of the workplace.

Our Work Services Team will undertake a concise and comprehensive survey of your premises to propose opportunities for improvement and compile an approved Implementation Plan

Our furniture Space Plan to re-organise desking and seating to comply with social distancing. This would include:

Office desking, meeting rooms reconfiguration, protective desk screens, collaborative areas, booths and Reception areas

Post Covid-19 Workspace Consultation

Promoting a COVID-19 free space

As workspaces and see a varying amount of people everyday it is imperative that the office is a safe environment.

Cobus offers a Sanitising disinfectant spray which is easy for consumer use. Being designed to sanitise both soft and hard furnishings it is perfect for offices,  classrooms and vehicles. This mist disinfectant spray is dry to touch after only 10 seconds of application.

We can also undertake deep cleaning of the premises to include all hard services

With cleanliness of hands being the most proactive prevention of the virus, Cobus offer sensor and foot operated hand sanitiser stations. We recommend these are situated at the entrance to building’s and offices for the most efficiency.

Housekeeping in the Workplace

Additional implementations which we are currently offer, which can be tailored to your company are listed below. At Cobus, new housekeeping rules are being drafted and implemented to ensure the safety of our employees.

Good Housekeeping in the workplace:

  • Installation of signage to raise awareness of the responsibilities of everyone.
  • Carpet safety signage
  • Closure of canteens and kitchens.
  • Use of staircases to provide separate routes up and down and where feasible, clockwise or one-way walkways in the office to avoid congestion.
  • Clear desk policy to improve cleaning of desk areas.
  • No sharing of equipment or stationery.
  • Designated floor markings.
  • Designate responsibilities to individuals to ensure good practices are adhered to
Desk Screens

 Phase 2 – Ongoing Activities & Considerations

Whilst the above is what we can offer now, it is imperative that long-term considerations are thought of and we are keen to assist as many as we can.

  • Wellbeing of employees
  • Undertake air-conditioning servicing and fresh air filtration 
  • Application of anti-bacterial solution to door handles, push plates and other surfaces
  • Replacement of WC controls, soap and sanitiser dispensers to ensure they are touch free only
  • Longer term strategy for office space requirements & remote working
  • Compilation of a Disaster Recovery Plan

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