Interior design predictions for 2020

As we enter a new decade, interior design trends are continuing to shift. Some design features of previous decades seem to be re-emerging with a modern twist, whilst others are carried through from the trends of 2019.


Whether you’re working in a home or office environment, it’s always a good idea to refresh your interiors every now and then. Not only does this offer employees a boost in motivation and productivity, but it also allows you to visually represent your brand more easily.


                  Bold colour combinations                     

In 2020, it seems that we’ll be shifting away from Nordic-inspired colour palettes. We’ll be seeing less neutral and toned-down shades, with an increase in 90s-style bold, vibrant hues. Pastel colours will likely be combined with geometric patterns, and complementary bold shades will be paired together. It’s important to consider colour combinations carefully, though, to avoid the risk of clashing; so it’s a good idea to try using a colour wheel. To enhance your brand personality, we would highly recommend incorporating one of your core brand colours into the design. So, if your main brand colour is blue, you might like to include subtle splashes of its complementary shade, orange, amongst your accessories.


Although bold colours are set to come to the fore, we’ll still see muted shades, including baby pink and mint green, paired with gold accents.


Sustainability & biophilic design

Environmental awareness has come to the fore in recent years, since we’re now experiencing the effects of climate change. This, combined with our increased appreciation of nature and the health benefits it offers us, has resulted in biophilic design rising as a popular interior design trend. The past couple of years have seen an increasing number of homes and offices bringing nature indoors, making an active effort to dispose of and use recyclable materials. In 2020, this trend is only expected to continue, with wood, stone and earthy elements set to make their way into furnishings – alongside an array of greenery and foliage.



Textures, materials & shapes

2019 interior design was largely inspired by the Nordic/Scandinavian lifestyle, which is commonly characterised by its straight lines and minimalist approach. In 2020, though, interior design is expected to shift away from clean lines; instead, we’ll see curves and wavy lines, fitting in harmonically with the new, upcoming emphasis on abstract design. Homes and offices are also likely to focus on soft textures such as bouclé, with increased focus on the minor decorative details.



2020 is likely to see an increase in the use of ‘luxury’ and ethereal textures. We’ll likely spot earthy hues, marble surfacing, rattan and terracotta. We may even see elements of interior design from the 1920s and 30s – such as fringe and velvet detailing.



Although we’ll typically be shifting away from subtlety in colour and texture, design trends of 2020 will continue to incorporate as much natural lighting as possible. In fact, it will become a much more central part of the design planning, with designers expected to plan furniture placement around the incoming light, making sure to enhance it throughout.



Maximalism is all about focusing on grand design and splendour – so, in 2020, rather than stripping back our interiors, we’ll see a wide combination of shades, shapes and textures, with colours that ‘pop’ coming to the fore, and decorative elements being placed in abundance to complement the space.


At Cobus, we can’t wait to see the new trends come to life. If you’re looking to redesign your workplace and would like some advice, don’t hesitate to contact our team.