Design inspiration for an office breakout space

No matter the nature of the job role, every employee needs a break at some point during the day. As we head further into the 21st century, we are seeing more and more innovation and creativity when it comes to the design of breakout spaces, attending to the needs and desires of today’s millennials.



What was once a tea and coffee point with a few tables and chairs is now a multifunctional, colourful area that features games, comfortable furniture and collaborative booths. Businesses are competing to stay ahead of the game, aiming to create a space that appeals to young talent – but how, exactly, can you apply this to your workplace?


Variety of colours and textures

Colour is something that as humans, we are naturally drawn to. Bright colours, in particular, tend to gain our interest, and are particularly fitting for workspaces. According to the colour psychology theory, shades of red can increase energy levels, whilst yellow promotes creativity and optimism. Blue, on the other hand, establishes trust whilst orange blossoms friendships. You will, of course, want to make your colour choices based on your company values and the results you’d like to see amongst your employees. It’s important to remember, however, not to use too many bright colours, since these will clash and, most likely, take the focus away from your true brand identity.



When choosing colours, try using your core company colours to establish brand awareness, and use complementary shades to complete the design. Read our previous blog to find out how you can use the colour wheel to enhance your design.


Along with a variety of colours, it’s also a great idea to get experimental with textures. If you can, try to incorporate natural textures – such as wood and foliage, as this appeals to the human desire to be surrounded by nature. If you’re going for a rustic aesthetic, you could also incorporate seating made from recycled materials.



Comfortable furniture

In your breakout zone, it’s a good idea to include comfortable, soft furniture that differs from the seating that you have in your office space. Not only does this set a clear differentiation between the two areas, but it also creates a home-from-home ‘feel’, offering your employees a relaxing space to retreat.



Try experimenting with a variety of seating options. It’s best to offer a mix of private and collaborative spaces – such as individual sound-proof pods, collaborative U-shaped sofas and multifunctional booths.


Multifunctional space

To ensure that your employees make the best use of your breakout zone, ask your designer to help you incorporate multifunctional furnishings into the space. For example, you might have a collaborative booth installed that can be used both as a place to do group work, and a space to relax and watch TV.



Writing walls are also becoming more of a trend, with employers having a chalkboard fitted over a whole wall space. This makes the task of jotting down and brainstorming ideas for projects much more enjoyable.


At Cobus, our design team are experienced in helping to create flexible, fun breakout spaces that provide employees with the relaxing zone that they need. To find out more, contact a member of our team here.