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At Cobus, we specialise in creating unforgettable moments as you step into our realm. Our team of innovators takes office fit-outs to new heights. If you have an existing space in Cheltenham craving transformation or need guidance on dynamic interior designs that leave lasting impressions, we're here to help. With four decades of groundbreaking office design, we think outside the box. We optimise floor space, incorporate cutting-edge technology, and craft environments that reflect and amplify a company's identity. From partition walls to desks, seating, wellbeing areas, flooring, storage, and conference rooms, Cobus masters bespoke design and installation solutions.

Office Fit Out Cheltenham

Setting us apart from other interior teams, our team of visionary interior designers embraces forward thinking and innovation. Our approach to each project begins and concludes with establishing partnerships. From our initial meeting with you to the finalisation of your space, our goal is to capture the essence of your organisation and its culture through our design, with the selection of products following suit.

Our interior design process stands out with a unique 7-stage approach that has been perfected over time to deliver the ultimate solution. This comprehensive method incorporates consultation, technical expertise, and meticulous attention to detail. Our refined designs are meticulously crafted to make a lasting impression while seamlessly aligning with your specific requirements.

Office Fit Outs

Commercial Designers

Elevate your office space to new heights with Cobus’ commercial interior design services. Expect bold, forward-thinking, and customised results that truly showcase your business’s character. We have a well-established reputation for exceptional customer service and impressive commercial designs, serving clients in Cheltenham and throughout the UK. Our in-house interior designers, known for their extensive commercial design experience, pay meticulous attention to detail. This is your chance to create an extraordinary space that reflects your ideas, personality, and projects the desired image to your team and visitors. From offices and receptions to social areas and educational spaces, we stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies. Our aim is not only to create visually appealing spaces but also to ensure high functionality and performance. Take advantage of our free initial consultation for commercial design in Cheltenham, and let Cobus transform your interior ideas into reality.

Commercial Interior Design

Design for Educational Spaces

In the realm of educational interior design, our skilled team of Cheltenham-based interior designers possesses extensive expertise and a deep understanding of its distinct requirements and complexities. With years of experience, we have consistently delivered exceptional designs for educational spaces. Whether it’s renovating halls of residence or crafting vibrant collaborative areas for students, our designs are customised to suit your unique style and specific needs, all while upholding meticulous attention to detail.

We go beyond aesthetics and prioritise the health, safety, and environmental sustainability of our designs. Our goal is to create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also easy to maintain and cost-effective in the long run. We strive to ensure that our finished spaces endure for generations to come, reflecting our commitment to longevity and sustainability.

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