How will the workplace look post-COVID

With many organisations working on their short to medium-term plan to get people back into the office safely, Cobus have been researching and brainstorming the effects of COVID on workplace design. There are many unknowns when researching what the ‘new normal’ will be, although we know that workplace design post-COVID will be changed forever.

With the immediate priority for organisations to bring people back into the workplace as safely as possible, the initial wave of redesign involved looking into space planning to assist with physical distancing. However with many clients successfully working from home, workspaces need to be designed to support the kind of interactions that can’t happen virtually. 


Team Brainstorming Areas

With lockdown bringing a new appreciation of being together with peers, we feel organisations should provide spaces which allow people to remain physically distanced whilst collaborating in the office.

Providing spaces which allow them to brainstorm creatively will allow the team to gather together maximising productivity, whilst giving them the face-to-face interaction that everyone needs.


Virtual Meeting Spaces

The global pandemic forced many of us to step up on our virtual game. Internal and client meetings over Zoom or Teams have become the new normal. Additionally, with travel likely to be limited for a while, it’s probable that more online meetings are going to be hosted.

As part of workplace design post-COVID, we are including more flexible, virtual meeting spaces which give employees space whilst collaborating effectively.

Lloyd, the Managing Director of Cobus, stated ‘Virtually meeting via platforms such as teams isn’t going to stop when we meet with the next normal – it’s saving organisations money and time as we can have the same level of conversation without leaving our homes’

Virtual Meeting Spaces

Hot Desking

Whilst many people like the idea of working from home, there are still many which appreciate the office as a place to get out of the house and dedicate their headspace to work.

As organisations have progressed more virtually, we have partnered with Condeco to assist our clients get more out of their real estate. This application allows staff to book desks as and when they work from the office. This effective app can run from employees mobile devices limiting touch points. With many large firms transitioning into utilising software such as this, contact us today if this could be a solution for you.

desk booking app

The role of the post-COVID workplace is going to be more important than ever, and we are here to assist. Whilst we may still be unsure exactly how the workplace is going to transition, we feel it’s more important than ever for organisations to be flexible and think adaptable as opposed to fixed. Virtual and physical experiences will bring people together, allowing them to connect and collaborate productively and effectively maximising organisations investment.

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