What is the Difference Between Cat A & Cat B Fit-outs?

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Within the interior design and refurbishment industry there are a number of keywords and phrases used by professional companies. It’s ideal to get to grips with what they mean so that you’re on the same page as each other when investing in a new office space or refreshing your current one. When looking at the difference between Cat A and Cat B fit-outs, there are a number of aspects to bear in mind about the outcome of each category.

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What is a Cat A fit-out?

A Cat A fit-out is ensuring that the space is blankcanvasready but all the essential aspects such as mechanical and electrical works, are supplied and installed to a high standard following all safety regulations. It’s a step up from a shell and core fit but provides basic finishing of the designated office area. It ensures that the foundations of the space are ready for the interior design elements such as the installation of furniture and the application of wallpaper and accessories. Fundamental items such as internal walls, lifts and reception areas are completed as well as raised floors and suspended ceilings with fitted lights and painted perimeter walls.

What does a Cat A fit-out include?

Cat A spaces installed by a dedicated team of experts not only carry out basic mechanical and electrical services, it also includes:

Fire detection
Grid ceilings
Air conditioning
Raised access flooring

What is a Cat B fit-out?

A Cat B office fit out is the next level up from a Cat A fit. It takes the blank canvas and basic internal finishes and transforms the space with every design aspect you require. In collaboration with a dedicated interior designer, you’ll discuss and decide on space planning, where to place meeting rooms and breakout spaces, as well as colour schemes and furniture selections. They’re on hand to take on your ideas and produce mood boards and drawings to showcase how the office can be enhanced. They’ll even assist with picking artwork and rugs. A Category B fit can be completed before you move into a new office, or during a time that works best for your schedule when the workforce can operate elsewhere without too much disruption.

What does a Cat B fit-out include?

A Cat B fit-out includes all aspects of interior design, taking the existing space and injecting it with character, colour and creativity. Such as:

Specialist lighting
Floor finishes
Branded material
Kitchen areas, tea points and cafes

Door and partitions


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What is the difference between Cat A fit-out and Cat B fit-out?

The stark contrast between Cat A and Cat B fit-outs is certainly noticeable but both play an important role in the grand scheme of office space refurbishment. Whilst it’s vital to have a Cat A fit-out to build the foundations of the area and ensure that essential functions such as electricity, water, floor, walls and ceilings as working well and are not hazardous, a Cat B fit-out is the icing on the cake. It’s your chance to design an innovative and inspiring place that leaves a lasting impression.

How Cobus Spaces can help you with your next office fit-out

With years of experience in the industry working with clients across the country, Cobus Spaces provide dedicated fit-out services that deliver bespoke results. We truly get to know your business and thrive in bringing your ideas on paper to life with our specialist team of interior designers, project managers and installers who complete every task to the highest standards. We offer both Cat A and Cat B fit-outs for offices, commercial outlets and educational centres alike which all require a unique set of skills and results. We’re renowned for our attention to detail and partnerships with leading manufacturers who provide the finest furniture and materials. Speak to our team to find out how we can assist with your Cat A or Cat B fit-out and enter a new chapter for your business and workspace.