The benefits of an open and shared workspace

Having space in your office that encourages employee collaboration and collective thinking may not seem too significant in contributing to your business’ fortunes, but quite the opposite is true.

An office designed with an all-inclusive workspace at its heart has a huge impact on the wellbeing of employees and their productivity, so it’s fundamental you maximise this when planning your office.

Open offices are becoming more and more popular

Shared office spaces are on the rise as more and more businesses around the world adopt them, but why are they so popular? And more importantly, why are they so effective?

We’ve compiled a few of the key reasons for their success:


Boxed up cubicle-style offices create one thing, isolation. Very popular and commonplace in the 80s, but not anymore.

Segregated work desks discourage collaboration and can even exacerbate office cultures that foster competition instead of teamwork. The result can lead to a high-stress work environment that benefits no-one.

But the 21st century has shifted us away from these cubicle mazes towards offices that value groups over individuals.

A thriving collaborative environment brings with it a team who are all striving towards common goals and objectives, whilst developing friendships and camaraderie along the way.

Steve Jobs once said, “Ideas don’t happen in the boardroom, they happen in corridors”, which is very true.

Collaboration comes more naturally in a workplace where there are no barriers and the frequent sharing of ideas significantly boosts productivity and team spirit.

An open office encourages employee collaboration and collective thinking

A Constant Brainstorm

With your team all together, the office will buzz. A workspace brimming with new ideas is every employers’ dream, and that’s what a shared space brings.

Having the support of fellow colleagues either side of you also helps to bring a fresh perspective to your work. For instance, you might be struggling with a challenge that your colleagues could tackle from an unexpected angle.

After all, being able to chat to your team without the need to schedule a meeting can only improve the social atmosphere of the office.

Having a shared office space inspires employees to work together to tackle problems and create new ideas

Happiness & Health

Research from the Harvard Business Review found that open and shared workspaces were shown to reduce stress and depression, while increasing employees’ overall mood.

It’s no secret that we often get stressed at work, but a shared environment helps to cultivate meaningful relationships. This comfort will in turn lead to greater productivity and quality of work, all while protecting and promoting employees’ wellbeing.

An open office can also enhance your team’s motivation, as working with like-minded people in a fast-paced environment can nurture and inspire their emotional drive to succeed.

Open offices encourage motivation and can build meaningful relationships


Another benefit of open offices is how cost-effective they are to run. Costs are reduced on construction, utilities and office equipment as everyone is in one shared area.

Businesses can use the money they save on not having to buy bulky and basic office equipment for more productive alternatives, such as digital printing equipment, shared networks and ergonomic office furniture, to name but a few.

At Cobus, our experienced handpicked design team will consider every aspect of your open and shared office design, from the layout, colours and product materials, ensuring the final result reflects your businesses’ ethos and culture.