Office Fit Out Checklist – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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So you’ve decided that it’s time to give your business a new lease of life by updating your office space. Whether you plan on staying in the same location or relocating altogether, there is a wide range of options and opportunities waiting for you. It’s important to look at the bigger picture and brainstorm your hopes and aspirations for the transformation with the help of a professional fit-out company. From office furniture, space planning and paint schemes to more logistical matters such as budget, timeframe and health and safety there is plenty to consider. A fit-out checklist will make this process a breeze so that no stone is left unturned and you’ve taken all aspects into consideration. This is your work environment as well as that of your teams, so dedicate some time to assess how this will benefit everyone in the long run.


Why do you need a new office?

Pinpoint your goals


Do you walk into your current office and feel uninspired or that it’s dated? There are a number of reasons why investing in a new office has its advantages, but they have to be personal to you and the business. This could include a new injection of funding which allows you to update the technology in the office, or introduce break-out and meeting areas, entertainment spaces, as well as conference rooms. By pinpointing your goals you’re justifying the decision to move forward with a fit-out that will bring plenty of benefits. From enhancing productivity and creativity to improving the well-being of your workforce, impressing new clients or reflecting new branding within the office space. There are heaps of advantages to putting your project plan into action.


Staying or relocating?


Depending on your circumstances will determine whether you are staying put in your current office or moving to a new one that is in need of refurbishment. There are a number of reasons for relocation such as whether or not the space is fit for purpose, your current office doesn’t comply with safety regulations, or you need to move to a different area to meet new needs and requirements of the business such as an acquisition or an increase in staff numbers. To move things along smoothly then a commercial property agent will be a great help when searching for a new place that ticks all the boxes.


Legal & Logistics Considerations


Before any contractors step foot into your office, you need to look at both legal and logistical considerations so that you don’t run into any trouble. Whilst the fit-out company will likely have their own insurance it’s worth taking out your own Public and Product Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Employers’ Liability Insurance so that you’re covered by all angles. Also, ensure that the refurbishment is compliant with essential rules and regulations. This includes being subject to the Equality Act (2010) and investigating if there is asbestos in the building. Your chosen contractor will be able to advise on these matters but they do change from project to project, so professional guidance is key.


Office Owner/Landlord


Before even contemplating an office fit-out it’s essential to find out from the office owner or landlord if it’s acceptable to undertake major renovations. Improvements such as fresh paint, new carpet or the installation of sectional walls could be against your current contract which you wouldn’t want to break as this could result in not only a bad relationship but legal action too. It needs to be clear in writing what you are and are not allowed to do within the building and if there are restrictions in place, then a potential relocation could be the right choice for you.


Safety Compliance


As mentioned above, there are a number of important considerations to take on board when it comes to legal matters and safety compliance. We don’t want anyone to get hurt during the process, whether that’s your workforce or the project team, therefore taking health and safety seriously is key. Get up-to-date with the latest regulations and see to any potential hazards such as loose items, broken furniture, exposed wires and lifted carpets that people may trip over. Have your electrical items been Pact tested and do you need to revise exit routes in case of a fire?


Set a Budget


It’s no secret that refurbishments can be quite costly. That’s why setting a realistic and affordable budget that won’t stretch the bank is a must. Do your research into different companies who have a respectable reputation, but also look around for costings for furniture, materials and equipment. Put together a spreadsheet of how much you’re prepared to spend in each department and have a reserve fund on standby if you need any additional work completed at the time.

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Appointing a project manager or project team


Selecting an efficient and effective project management team and project leader will be the difference between a successful transformation and a failed one. Look online for reviews of different businesses or get word-of-mouth recommendations from fellow companies that have gone through a similar process. You want an office fit-out company that is transparent and innovative, will stick to the budget and deliver results on time. They’ll have their finger on the pulse with regard to legal matters and logistics whilst having an eye for detail and design.


Develop a detailed interior plan


When collaborating with a company for your office fit-out project, they’ll be able to provide a dedicated interior design team who will discuss your desires and requirements for how you want to office fit-out plan to look. From where you’ll place tables and chairs to artwork, lighting, furniture and important aspects such as plug sockets, they’ll be able to present a comprehensive and detailed interior plan that will make the process easier to digest.




Picking out new furniture is one of the many exciting parts when fitting out an office. From colour schemes to materials, unique shapes and styles, you’ll be able to select from a wide range of manufacturers that will be able to cater for every area in the office from the meeting room to the kitchen and reception.




Whether you’ve got plenty of natural light coming through to the office or you’re in need of bright and vibrant lighting that won’t give your workforce a headache, investing in decent and energy-efficient lighting is vital. Shop around and get feedback from your team about what will help improve working conditions in the office environment.


IT & Equipment


If you’re starting fresh and buying the latest IT and equipment, your budget will play a part in this and how much you can purchase. From new computers to kitchen accessories, touch screens and entertainment, this is your chance to invest in exciting technology that will boost the productivity of your team.




It’s something that probably isn’t a top priority for your refurbishment but if you are carrying out an office relocation or your adding additional areas to your current space, think about how much storage you’ll need. This could be for a range of items such as stationary, merchandise, files and that essential tea and coffee!


Pick an established office fit-out company


Researching which office fit-out company you’re going to bring on board for this project is essential. Look at their portfolio, list of services and pricing structure to ensure you’re on the same page and that they’ll deliver on your checklist.


Make your move


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