Introducing your workforce back to the office


We are now in the month of May and planning to head back to the workplace is entering more people’s minds. To what extent can you safely bring employees and clients back into your space?

Although it is too early to know exactly when and how our workforce’s are going to return to the office and places of work, it is imperative that we start preparing and we want to share a few of our ideas with you.

Our response team has been brainstorming this topic to assist our clients and provide some simple solutions that you can implement at low costs. Here are our first 3 steps to manage and ensure that your employees are remaining safe whilst we transition back into the workplace.


  1. Implementing basic prevention measures.

Educate your employees on preventative measures and reducing the risk of spreading the COVID-19.

Although many have already taken the necessary steps, ensure they know where they can sanitise and wash their hands, including what further procedures that you have in place. Some items we can suggest is the Ilona, foot operated sanitiser dispenser for your reception areas and ensure that you have an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser at the entrance to every office.

Cobus is currently undergoing design of a sanitisation station which will fit into your current office layout seamlessly, with matching finishes and aesthetic dispensers.



  1. Establish polices and practices for social distancing

Re-arranging furniture to comply with social distancing and ensuring that your staff can operate at a safe distance is imperative. A staggered seating arrangement in bench desking is a solution which will limit as much re-arranging as possible within your office.

Isolating capsules of coupled desks is another option, whilst taking advantage of the screen dividers and Perspex sneeze guards to ensure that this is safe. See a simple drawing of this below

Danger Zone


  1. Keeping walkways operational

To ensure that your walkways stay safe, we can suggest a one-way system and in office spaces which may have more space, walk the office clockwise. If this is implemented, 2 persons passing each other under 2 metres will be dramatically reduced.

We also suggest floor signage to assist in the directional footfall, whether this be through floor stickers or carpet tiles and design which will clearly mark the path.

floor signage  floor signage


These are our top 3 implementations which will apply to any office space however big or small. We hope this gives you a bit of an insight into what we are looking at and introducing with our new office designs and layouts.

One of our team will be happy to talk through this further, so give us a call on 01452 418789!

Keep an eye out next week for the services we are offering to assist your work forces return, and if you missed it, last weeks blog – Our response to COVID-19