How to Create a Minimalist yet Inspiring Office Design

Although it’s great to have a busy, decorative office that’s full of inspiration, having too many decorations and unnecessary stationery items lying around can be distracting and counter-productive. Minimalist office designs involve getting rid of the clutter and keeping only what’s necessary, whilst toning down colours and decorative items. Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring – if it’s done right, it helps to provide an atmosphere that’s open, peaceful and produces focused workers who are less stressed. If you wish to create a workforce made up of employees with decluttered minds, you might consider re-designing with minimalism in mind.

Tone down colours and decorative items for a minimalist look.

Clearing out the office of unnecessary items is the first step in the process. Try to only keep the supplies that you really need, and just keep a couple of personalised items for each desk. It also helps to try and convert to online methods of storing documents, rather than having endless amounts of paperwork lying around. If you’ve got a lot of wires attached to computers, it’s also worthwhile investing in cable organisers to keep it all looking neat and tidy. Decluttering your office of unnecessary items allows you to strip back to the basics, providing you with a clear base to work with.