Collaborative co-working spaces

This week, our sales director, Simon, offers insight into the benefits of incorporating collaborative co-working spaces within the working environment.


The workplace is a dynamically evolving banquet and one of the essential items on the menu currently is collaborative co-working spaces. Growing in popularity all the time, these co-working spaces are excellent for start-up establishments, self-employed colleagues and entrepreneurs working independently. If you are considering setting up a co-working space, but you’re seeking help where to start, at Cobus, we work to create great working spaces that boost morale, enhance productivity and deliver higher profitability.


The workplace is a dynamically evolving banquet.


Co-working spaces are being set up by a range of businesses. Newly set-up businesses with a modest number of employees can give their team a hub where they can work amongst others, whilst enabling the company to generate revenue from the office space they don’t immediately require, but may well grow into. For social organisations, bringing people together to collaborate and share ideas is often paramount to their goals in making the world a better place; therefore, it makes a lot of sense to create a co-working space in the heart of their local community. Large corporate companies are also setting up these particular spaces, enabling them to lease out current or new premises to smaller businesses or freelance professionals, to generate additional revenue and build mutually profitable relations.


Older buildings are relishing a new lease of life as estate holders seek a worthwhile reward in making use of spaces not currently in use. A renovated warehouse or factory makes a great situation for collaborative spaces, adding to the appeal of the building. The outcome is always a space that combines the wealth of history with the similar wealth of modern design, making them alluring and fascinating places to work.


Specifically designed co-working spaces typically offer a large range of facilities. In addition to the expected areas of workstations & chairs for individual work, they will usually offer meeting rooms with presentation facilities, booths, huddle pods and lounge seating areas; all of which are essential for group discussions, project work and internal collaboration. For concentrated work and quiet calls, they more often than not will have individual acoustic pods for this purpose. Also provided, of course, will be fast Wi-Fi, printing, storage and kitchen facilities. In the larger companies, it’s not just office essentials these zones provide, but also a central area of facilities. These may include a coffee bar with trained baristas, a trendy drinks bar for collaborating and after-work meetings, a mutual lounge for socialising and breaks, maybe a games room with snooker and ping-pong tables, a fully equipped gym assisting the staff and co-workers with maintaining their fitness levels at peak conditions, and many other domestic comforts.

Specifically designed co-working spaces can take the form of a coffee bar with trained baristas, or a trendy drinks bar.


A brilliant co-working space not only empowers individual entrepreneurs and organisations to work productively and comfortably, but it also provides them with the freedom and opportunity to collaborate with others. The result is great networking and positive discussing of ideas, with skill-sharing taking place helping to build a valuable sense of community and successful support for all users of the space.


Another huge benefit of co-working, especially for sole traders and freelancers, is that businesses can share their experiences of single-handedly starting up with fellow potential entrepreneurs and, at the same time, motivate and inspire each other when target focus starts to dwindle. These interactive spaces are now renowned for helping freelance companions and contractors to advance their business swiftly, by granting them to network. Many are discovering it simple and much more straightforward to win new clients in these environments, without having to be concerned about the distractions and temptations that always come with working from home.

A brilliant co-working space provides entrepreneurs and organisations with the freedom to collaborate with others.


As with all these dynamic spaces, designing a productive collaborative co-working space is the job of professional commercial interior designers, ensuring the space not only works for everyone, but also allows for the convenient amount of furniture and meeting rooms. This is where we at Cobus-Spaces come in, excited to work with you in making your spaces work harder for your organisation – however large or small…


So, if you are currently in the potential or working process of creating a co-working centre or want to discuss how you can make these spaces successful in your current establishment, then do please get in touch. We not only have the expertise to make it happen, but we possess the invaluable experience that comes with being over 40 years in this particular market! Contact us today to tune in with our understanding, our know-how, and our wealth of experience by email, phone or a friendly online chat here.