What do you call a man that lies on the floor?

The greatness of flooring modularity

Within the modern office environments of today, the inviting open work spaces are designed for flexibility to accommodate frequent layout changes. So however large or small the office, a modular floor can be quickly adapted to all types of new requirements and with that reducing the cost of restructuring.

Matching carpet & luxury vinyl tile sizes

Not only carpet tiles, but loose lay LVT tiles and planks can be used as modular systems. More often than not, most loose lay LVT ranges are designed to be installed together with carpet tiles, allowing quick and easy installations. They are exemplary for complete renovation projects, or even just simple refurbishments, especially over raised access floors or for any project where speed of installation is required.

Wood and Ceramics

Modularity in flooring is not just limited to carpet & LVT tiles. Most modern commercial buildings or refurbished office apartments have raised access floor systems, which allow quick and easy access to the underneath for networks and services. Until recently, the only covering solution was carpet tiles to maintain the easy accessibility. However, we now offer ‘dry-lay’ modular ceramic and hardwood flooring systems, which adhere magnetically to the metal encapsulated subfloor access panels. An incredibly simple install, with no messy adhesives or grouts to contend with. Look at this ceramic dry-lay floor we recently installed in Bristol, resulting with a very happy client!

Colour co-ordinated for maximum design flexibility

Inspiring and innovative design features can be created with modular flooring. Take a look at this recent project we completed at Safpro. A unique ‘catherine wheel’ effect has been produced, using different colour co-ordinated carpet tiles from the Forbo Tessera Diffusion range. Observe the way they all spiral homeward to a central circular LVT orb, where the main collaboration meeting table is located! The flexibility is endless and in turn, gives interior designers a huge scope to satisfy their creativity to the maximum.

Increased speed of installation

Modular flooring is not only much faster to install than traditional sheet products, but it’s more efficient to stock, it’s easier to deliver than heavy rolls, and far simpler to distribute to the fitters throughout all areas of the project.

Installation wastage is reduced

As bitter experience tell us, there is nothing more annoying than having to purchase more leftover flooring than we need to! With traditional rolls coming in only certain set widths, this can end up with huge percentage of wastage – especially within the different shaped offices and meeting rooms of today. Modular tiles and planks bring with them minimum wastage and the larger unused pieces are generally used for smaller cuts again. So not only saving hard earnt cash and respecting tight budgets, but relieving the recycling environments too.

Damaged or soiled tiles can be replaced

There is nothing worse than having to replace a complete carpet for the sake a few coffee and tea spillages! Or having to fork out for new vinyl floor, when carelessly dragged furniture items have left irreparable scrape marks… With modular, it’s just a case of simply lifting the offending soiled or damaged tiles and replacing them within minutes.
Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and trust you found it of interest. We at Cobus Spaces have concluded; that with all this flexibility, we’re sure that whatever the specification, whatever the budget, you’ll find exactly what you need in our flooring portfolio.

And to finish the joke..

What do you call a man that lies on the floor?