Time to focus

Who would have thought, that over 40 years ago, the theme of the good old British Railway corridor coach would enter right into the 21st century open plan offices?  What a great idea!


Back then, travelling with British Rail, we would have experienced springy seats with fairly low noise levels, a rocky ride at speeds of up to 100mph. Not only that but a huge concentration battles with pleasant distractions through the windows, as we tried to work in a world without laptops and smartphones!  Along with that, you would have regular interruptions from the guard, demanding to see your tickets, and you never knew was going to join you at the next station…


Now in today’s world of smart-working, open plan offices with breakout areas, we have the opportunity to experience the Railway Carriage seating pods in the workplace.  A great way of providing informal meeting areas or quiet study areas, with seats that not only keep you alert but with acoustic qualities reducing noise levels to a minimum.


So why not enquire further into railway carriages with a completely stable environment with no rocking from side to side!  No distractions with a space to concentrate.  A great place for team collaboration, without unwanted interruptions and no need for a ticket!


Most importantly is the ability to focus, whether you are studying or whether you are in a meeting, to gain full productivity while in the workplace.  This is now made possible with these distinctive carriage pods – a must for all teams in every office.


Here’s what the manufacturer; Spacestor, say about their innovative product: “Our Railway carriages are innovative new modular meeting pods that are reinventing the modern workspace. Designed to provide an area that can satisfy a range of purposes and briefs, these office pods act as both an ideas hub for collaborative work as well as a relaxed, focus space for concentration. The Railway Carriage is fully modular, available in a large choice of materials and features that are customisable to create an extension of your brand. All tech-enabled, these meeting pods come with optional features such as a booking system, Bluetooth speakers and integrated screens”

You may be asking; ‘what about lighting inside these booths?’ Well that’s a very valid point to consider.  LED smart intelligent lighting can be an amazing advantage in this modern world, not only can it be used to promote your company name or logo throughout your office, but the inside of these meeting pods.  They then become rooms of their own without the need of building regs or planning permission! You don’t have to pay rates on them and they only cost a fraction of additional purpose built and seldom used meeting rooms. So why not go that extra mile and transform the inside with smart LED.


In environment’s like these, lighting is a key factor to maximising the feel-good, and comfortable surroundings our staff should experience while in the workplace. It aids concentration and removes the shadows, which in turn helps with presentations, giving an even spread of crisp light.


The outside lighting on this particular pod illustrated can be an effective way of defining different departments throughout your company, for example Research & Development, Export, Call Centre or the ever-growing Quiet Breakout area.


The low heat given off and low energy needed to power LED’s are all making a huge contribution to reducing the carbon foot print making it the win-win way forward. Smart-LED systems offer a degree of control and interactivity you just can’t get with traditional bulbs, like scheduled timers and remote control options. They’re also more convenient; it’s easier to tap on a smartphone screen than to get up and trudge over to a wall switch.

All in all we believe every office deserves one of these influential and inspirational spaces. Contact us today for a design discussion for your requirements!