The Benefits of Break out Areas in the Workplace

A place to build bonds, brainstorm new ideas or simply eat lunch, breakout areas are becoming more popular in modern office spaces. They’re an opportunity for employees to have some time out away from their desk, have confidential chats or a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing. Whether your existing place of work is in need of refurbishment to incorporate office breakout spaces or starting from scratch designing a complete office fit out, there are plenty of ways to introduce breakout areas and encourage inspiration.

Gone are the days of traditional offices built with silos cutting off your team from one another. Contemporary offices are now a place of bright colours, energy, employee perks such as free drinks and food, as well as being an environment where individuals and groups can thrive. A place that people are excited about going to as their place of work. Breakout spaces are the perfect example of this. Whether in the form of pods, enclosed coves, or separate spaces altogether, there are a wide range of benefits to including then in your office design.

Enhance the Wellbeing of your Employees

Work can be stressful at the best of times. And sometimes we need a little escape when we’ve hit a brick wall or need some downtime away from the desk. Not only do breakout areas provide this safe space to pause, reflect and come back to work in a more positive frame of mind, it offers a space of peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the office. The choice of furniture you place in a breakout area is also important to help support his. From sound booths to comfortable sofas and chairs, books, magazines and soft lighting, all these elements contribute to a moment of zen.

Adds Additional Work Spaces

Whether you’re looking for a place to hold an informal meeting or an open plan space with large tables for a creative brainstorming session, breakout areas are an extension of your workplace.

Encourages Interaction

Most of the time in the office you’re confined to your personal desk area. You’re in the zone, focused and working on the day’s tasks. There comes a time though where perhaps you need a second opinion or a sounding board for some ideas you have for a new project. A break out area gives employees the chance to gather together, share thoughts and embrace interaction with their work colleagues which in the long run improves productivity overall.

Gets The Team Moving

All too often we blink and a few hours of the day have already passed and we haven’t moved from our desks once. As we’re sat down for most of the day, it’s important to get circulation flowing and increase mobility. A breakout space doesn’t just have to be about work, it can be an area to get you moving. From table tennis to an office gym or yoga area, there are plenty of options to improve wellbeing and offer extra incentives to work in an office that is fun and puts the welfare of their employees first.

Removes Distractions

In a busy office where phones are ringing, loud conversations are taking place or the printer is on overtime, it can be pretty distracting. Yes you can put in headphones to try and block out the noise but that’s not always effective. Breakout areas provide a place of quiet, away from an overwhelming environment where is can be difficult to think straight. It gives you a chance to step away from your desk and concentrate on that deadline or take an important phonecall in a confidential space.

A Place To Let Your Hair Down

A modern office design no longer means planning where desks are going to sit and how the kitchen is going to look. It’s much more than that. Businesses are now searching for creativity from head to toe so that the office is an inviting and inspiring place to walk into every day. It needs to have that extra factor. From a games room, to a drinks area complete with karaoke for after work entertainment, or a cinema room for an area of luxury, there are a plethora of ways to transform your office into an outstanding location.

At Cobus Spaces, we visualise, design, supply and install innovative office spaces for work places across Gloucester, Cheltenham, Oxford, Swindon, Birmingham and Bristol. Looking to improve your workplace and incorporate breakout spaces within your office fit out? Speak to our dynamic team who have an eye for detail and imagination. We’ll collaborate with you on the interior design of your office and bring to life all your ideas and aspirations to improve the overall experience for your employees.