Take a healthy break

It’s no secret that a company’s workplace affects employee retention, productivity, and profitability. So we think a great workplace is one that promotes happiness amongst its occupants.  What staff love is the offering of multiple types of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in the kitchen/café space – and coincidentally, the kitchen area with the coffee bar is also where some of the most valuable conversations take place. It is a place where mingling with CEO’s and office assistants alike is commonplace.

So if kitchens are one of the biggest selling features of homes, shouldn’t the kitchen of your workplace also be its greatest selling feature? A kitchen is an indispensable community hub. It is a space that people want to go to, and a place that encourages employees to gather, interact, share ideas and stories. And perhaps that area of collaboration can breed a whole host of different ideas that plants the seed for innovation.

We find on most projects we tackle today, that one of the client’s design requirements was in fact a big kitchen. For us, these project requests make perfect sense!  We love clients who was willing to sacrifice precious space in order to create a gathering space for their employees. We are able to give the clients more space by maybe relocating their meeting rooms, or even bringing the lesser used conference rooms out into the open areas and converting them into breakout spaces!  We can make your workspace able to open-up and accommodate everything from office wide meetings to informal dining. Needless to say, these kitchen hubs always become the heart of the office.

Providing a kitchen hub in your workplace can provide you and your colleagues with a stylish and comfortable area to interact in outside the office environment. Thoughtful workplace kitchenette design is essential when it comes to creating the perfect environment for staff and colleagues to eat, chat and relax, or even an informal meeting, during the working day.  With years of experience in workplace design, our office kitchen design service is sure to impress your staff and clientele alike. There’s more and more research showing that an attractive office design leads to greater productivity from employees, so it’s little wonder that you could be thinking of redesigning all aspects of your office space. Every business has its own needs and style, and this extends to how your office looks and feels. Having a consistent, attractive design throughout your whole office allows your colleagues to seamlessly transfer in and out of office mentality, while remaining in a familiar environment. Our design service takes into consideration the feel and atmosphere of your workplace to create a fresh, new area for people to relax in after working hard through the day. The benefit of today’s kitchenette is that it takes up hardly any space, it can be incorporated into wall storage or a central storage island and is perfect for even the smallest of offices; providing an area for staff to relax, dine and socialise out of working hours.