Investment Supermarket

Design & Build

With the increase in remote working during the pandemic an Investment Supermarket looked to Cobus to refresh their current office space to cater to the new ways of working. Our workplace designers focused first on increasing collaborative spaces and introducing amenities to improve employee experience.

With a change in working styles, more collaborative spaces were needed throughout the office space. During lockdown, teams were able to book sections within the office and come in for a day to collaborate as a group. These areas included brainstorming zones, private booths, and casual meeting areas. Our team of designers introduced 4-6 person pods which also lent themselves to private meeting rooms due to their excellent soundproofing.

Previously their atrium, was the only area that was designed as an informal breakout zone, so an increase in breakout areas across a few floors and a new kitchen was incorporated to allow for more connectivity amongst teams during breaks.

The investment supermarket also wanted an area dedicated to providing technical support, taking inspiration from the Apple Genius Bar. Within this space advanced technology was installed to allow the IT professionals to service employee's laptops and equipment efficiently. To make this area stand out from the main branding within the office space, a bright orange was used within the finishes.

An increase in amenities was another key part of the office refurbishment. With the diverse cultures within the company, our designers incorporated well-being rooms including a prayer-room and mental health area, where staff could go to practise their religion improving employee wellbeing.

The office refresh took place in stages as staff began to use the office space more, to where we are today, creating a place where employees can come together to collaborate and be productive in an environment designed for them to do so.

Project info

Client: Investment Supermarket

Project Date: 2023

Project Manager: Jerry Hubble

Project Value: ££££

Project Location: Bristol

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