Investment Supermarket, Bristol, Atrium

Investment Supermarket, Bristol, Atrium
Investment Supermarket, Bristol, Atrium
Investment Supermarket, Bristol, Atrium
Investment Supermarket, Bristol, Atrium
Investment Supermarket, Bristol, Atrium

About the Project

The South West’s largest investment firm needed a team to redevelop its underwhelming atrium space, so they chose us.  Underused by staff, the space lacked wow factor and failed to showcase the building as a whole – an opportunity missed, until now.

With such a large and prominent space to work on, it was vital that we liaised particularly closely with the client.  After many site visits, rigorous consultation on issues like finishes, and regular updates during installation, our specialist fitters managed to complete the entire project in just two full days.

Careful design and specification was key in this project, since a high volume of foot traffic required hardwearing products and close attention to ambient noise levels.   At the same time, finishes were chosen to match an overall scheme, providing the desired ‘look’.  As well as sourcing plastic weave flooring tiles to complement the bold cream and blue corporate colourway, we also created a bespoke shelving unit to make best use of a curved storage space available under the stairs.

The overall finished space is uniquely multifunctional, suiting informal team gatherings as well as more formal client meetings.  Other uses include relaxation, hot-desking, studying and formal presentation evenings. Managing to mix both classic and contemporary design, this once underused space is now an asset to the client’s business and brand.

“As one of the key areas in our building for corporate meetings, employee catch-ups and lunch breaks, it was crucial that the colour scheme, space planning and furniture choice were all perfected.

The fit-out was completed seamlessly over just a single long weekend, and feedback on the finished results has been overwhelmingly positive.  Not only does the space look fantastic but we’ve also seen a huge increase in its useage: it’s a hive of activity throughout the day. Put simply, the team just loves spending time there.  Overall, we’re extremely pleased that we chose Cobus to collaborate with.”

We’d love to work with you too, whether that’s designing and installing your next interior project or supplying the furniture for your commercial, educational or social and living spaces.

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