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We recently collaborated with Alexandra, one of the UK leaders in designing and manufacturing garments for the healthcare, hospitality and beauty industry.

Alexandra had moved into its offices in Thornbury, Gloucestershire back in 2011, and approached us to repurpose one of its large office rooms into a new training room and showroom.

Looking to steer away from its trademark white and navy colours, the company wanted us to create a room where employees wouldn’t feel like they were at work.

With a blank canvas to work from, our experienced team of designers were able to get creative. We wanted to design a space where employees could relax and socialise as well as learn, in an environment unique to them.

The existing large room was split to create the training area and showroom, but the same theme was applied to both.

We used the navy carpet as a base to mix all the varying colours together. The  Trillipse Cantilever chair was selected for its perfect blend of comfort and practicality. Not only does the Trillipse chair come in a huge range of fabrics, but the model selected by Alexandra was also stackable, aiding the flexibility of the space.  To ensure the ‘non – corporate’ feel was achieved, a colour scheme of mustard yellow, rich purple and turquoise check was collated and reflected through the seating and decorations.

By using the Huddle Mid Back seating, a divide was created, moving into a more informal breakout space with Frovi’s Era chairs and Wire tables. Again considering the use of the space, the coffee tables were fitted with power sockets for laptops and tablets. This soft seating area provided a separate space to inspire and encourage collaboration, brainstorms and group activities during the company’s training days.

The added wall graphics were a cost-effective way of pulling the room together and helped to finish the space where employees could learn in an informal setting.

The project took around three months to complete and the team at Alexandra were very excited to get in and start using the space.

Project Info

Project Date :

January - April 2018

Project Manager :

Lloyd Coldrick

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