Our Top Ergonomic Chairs for 2021

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For many of us working nine-hour days, sitting in that same office chair, five days a week, our bodies have started to feel the strain from the prolonged sitting. Whether you’re commuting to work or have your own setup at home, you might just need to change up your current seating arrangements to look after what’s most important here – our bodies. 

However, finding your ‘perfect’ chair is never a simple task. There are so many different choices on the market all with similar or unique features. Do I need multi-functional arms? Does this have lumbar support? 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to ergonomic chairs so we have put together our top four for 2021.  


SENATOR – Orthopedica 100 Series

Robust, practical and built for comfort, the Orthopaedica has been designed to offer maximum support in the most demanding work situations. With accessible controls, the Orthopedica can be adjusted for each individual whilst the 100Series offers a wider back for a more encompassing sit. This chair always has your back – reducing discomfort and enhancing well-being to enable the user to work and perform to their best ability.

Standard features included in 100 Series

  • Height adjustable ratchet back
  • Fully synchronised mechanism 
  • Multi-functional arms 



Being Me is tailored for the user. Simple integrated adjustments allow the user to ensure the back, seat and arms are correct for them. Paired with ‘Being us’, it will fit seamlessly into the office with its quality and soft design, without screaming that you require a special seating solution. For those with back complaints in mind, it has a back lock control allowing the user to find the most comfortable position for them.

Standard features included with Being Me:

  • Seat Height Adjustment
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Seat angle adjustment
  • Back height adjustment
  • Back angle adjustment
  • Inflatable lumbar alr-cell
  • Compatible retro-fitting Being headrest
  • Multi-adjustable arms



Looking for a chair that provides exceptional comfort whilst still being affordable? Ousby could be the chair for you. Designed using flexible, durable and sustainable materials, Ousby is an organically shaped seating range that provides comfort and support throughout the day, whatever the task. It offers a contoured mesh back that creates a dynamic experience for the user as it bends and moves with you. 

Standard features included with the Ousby

  • Multi-functional arms
  • Integrated adjustable lumbar
  • Self-supporting mesh back
  • Dynamic synchronised mechanism with quick tension adjustment
  • Moulded seat foam cushion


COBUS – Merlin

Not only is the price tag attractive, but the Merlin operator chair also features a contoured back and seat pad design to support the prolonged periods of sitting. The fully upholstered task chair features height adjustable arms for additional comfort for the user, whilst providing comprehensive adjustments. 

Standard Features of the Merlin

  • Height adjustable seat
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Height adjustable arms


We would love to help you pick your next ergonomic chair. With most of us spending nine and a half hours a day sitting down on average, it is imperative that proper consideration is given to the ergonomics to ensure the environment is suited for you. 


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