Office furniture you never knew you needed

The office is a place where most of us spend a large proportion of our time. Therefore, putting in the time and effort to make it a place that people want to go to is essential. Office furniture staples, including desks and chairs, can be transformed into multi-functional design pieces that bring something a little different, adding a quirky style whilst making working hours more efficient.

Sit-stand desks allow a worker to lift their desk to a height that suits them

Exercise is something of a concern when it comes to working in an office. There are studies to suggest that sitting down at a desk all day can be harmful to our health. In response, sit-stand desks have been designed which allow a worker to lift their desk to a height that enables them to work whilst standing. They also have the choice to lower it back down again, should they choose to work seated. This simple manoeuvre may make working in an office beneficial for our health.

An unusual, space-saving design idea is the hidden laptop desk

Exercise can be further encouraged by placing exercise balls around the office (this works better in larger offices). Workers may choose to sit on these at their desk, or use them in their breaks – either way, it’s better than sitting still in a desk chair.

An unusual, space-saving design idea is the hidden laptop desk. These desks are ideal for smaller offices, since the moveable hood slides to the side to form a surface which accommodates a laptop, as well as a flat writing surface. The hood can then slide back to the centre to cover the laptop and other accessories, forming a larger work space for writing and drawing.

Natural hues and hidden shelving

The ThinkBoard is the ultimate twist on a collaborative white board. These adhesive marker-friendly boards can be attached to any wall, turning a regular black wall into a mind-map of ideas. These adhesive boards can also be attached to windows, glass and even tables so that thoughts and ideas can quickly be written down.

The ultimate twist on a collaborative white board!

What workers get up to in their lunch breaks is not usually at the forefront of an employer’s mind. It’s encouraged that workers take their full hour to have a break from their desk – however, this is slightly more difficult if there’s nothing to entertain them. Shelf-incorporated seating is a great way to encourage workers to sit and relax in comfortable, cushioned seating. The shelves built in to the side of the chairs have enough room to hold a selection of books and magazines, whilst the table-top surfaces allow the sitter to place a mug of coffee next to them. These multi-functional seats also feature sound insulation to ensure that employees can have a relaxing break.

Encourage workers to take their full lunch hour with creative breakout spaces

If shelf-incorporated seating isn’t the style you’re going for though, it’s a good idea to have some form of shelving to hold books and other entertainment items to keep workers occupied during their breaks. Having a feature wall is a stylish yet functional design idea, in which shelving is built into the whole wall – this is something unique to your office, while also providing the capacity to store a variety of room decorations and suitable things to entertain staff during their downtime.

Having a feature wall is a stylish yet functional design idea