Meet the team: Gemma

This week, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to our project manager, Gemma, about her day-to-day life in the Cobus office.

What’s your name and role at Cobus?

My name’s Gemma, and I’m the project lead.

How long have you been working at Cobus?

I’ve been working with Cobus since October, so just short of a year now.


Tell us about your background, and how you got to where you are now.

I started my career as a business administrator, before working my way up to a support supervisor at a medical company. This involved running projects, customer service experience, quality auditing, health and safety management, writing software, managing various install projects and carrying out company development projects. I was also responsible for running a larger team of engineers and admin staff.

Tell us more about the day-to-day tasks that your role involves.

My usual day-to-day tasks involve reviewing project progress with my team by checking Asana (an online organisation tool), creating project plans and completing site visits to check the contractors’ progress. I also regularly liaise with our customers regarding progress, variations and additional work. My role also involves meeting with the team to review projects and develop our processes; these are quite regular at the moment, as we are growing quickly. There are currently lots of exciting ideas going around, which we are transferring to our daily tasks – whether that’s assisting with sales visits, or completing various operations tasks.


What are your favourite parts of the job?

My favourite parts of the job are most definitely talking to clients, completing their projects to a high standard and seeing how happy they are – and in turn, getting repeat business, whilst keeping customers happy.


Tell us about your favourite project that you’ve worked on.

I genuinely love all projects that I work on – it’s hard to pick one as a sole favourite! Although, I did particularly enjoy working on the projects we completed this summer for Cheltenham Ladies’ College. They helped me to develop as a project manager; I learned a lot, and had great fun working with the client.


Do you have any top tips for those looking to re-design their workspace?

Our designer at Cobus is brilliant – she has so many ideas for creating inspiring workspaces. It’s definitely worth a chat with her if you’re looking to re-design yours!


What inspired you to work in the design industry?

Having the ability to help create workspaces that support mental health acted as my main source of inspiration.

What makes Cobus so unique?

The Cobus team always goes the extra mile for the customer; nothingis ever too much. Everyone eagerly gets stuck in to ensure all tasks are completed on time, and to a high standard.


If you’d like to speak to a member of our design team about your upcoming project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.