Meet the team – Annelise

This week, we’ve been talking to Annelise about her day-to-day life in her role.

What is your name and role at Cobus?

I’m Annelise Dowding, executive assistant here at Cobus.


How long have you been working at Cobus?

I’ve been working at Cobus for 4 and a half years – since October 2014.


What were you doing before you started working here?

Before working at Cobus, I worked at JSM Business Gifts as a Junior Sales Assistant. I was involved in day-to-day administration and sales; this included telemarketing as well as being responsible for order processing and quoting. My role also involved checking that artwork was signed off correctly, in addition to purchasing. Here, I gained a wealth of general administration experience and client/colleague rapport skills, which has since helped greatly with my role here. After deciding that a change was due, I left JSM Business Gifts to begin my career with Cobus. I started by working in telemarketing and administration, before changing positions to what is now my current role – an executive assistant.


Tell us more about what your job role involves?

My job role involves working closely with the managing director, Lloyd, as well as looking after the general day-to-day running of the office. Generally, it means taking care of IT issues, health and safety, arranging meetings and agendas and working in finance. Working in a more generalised capacity has helped me to cultivate a broad array of skills within the business, whilst being able to approach daily tasks from different perspectives.


What’s your most favourite part of your job?

I don’t really have any favourite parts to my job, I just really enjoy my varied role and the fact that each day is different.


What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened during your time at Cobus?

One of the most interesting was the name change and the launch of the new branding. This was exciting for everyone, and it was really nice to have a fresh brand.


What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on?

I don’t have a huge amount to do with the projects we carry out onsite; however, I do really enjoy hearing about them, their challenges and successes, as well as seeing the photos once projects are completed.


Currently, what are the most popular design trends that you’ve been working with?

There’s a lot more movement in offices than there used to be, such as sit-stand desks and collaboration areas. Pods and meeting booths are also becoming more and more popular for impromptu meetings.


What makes Cobus so unique?

Cobus is devoted to looking after its clients throughout the process, from the initial point of contact/enquiry until the completed project. We don’t leave the site until the client is happy.