“It’s freezing in here!”

The subject of air conditioning in the office can be very moving, especially in recent years. It seems to be regularly appearing in headlines and segregating the sexes in relation to what temperature is assumed comfortable and acceptable. Nonetheless, despite this debate, and that this particular topic will invariably run on and on, correctly designed and professionally installed Air Conditioning Systems have many benefits and will promote welfare in the workplace.


Today’s systems are becoming progressively efficient as technology in the air conditioning world is constantly evolving and offering systems of all types, from simple split systems to larger heat recovery VRF combinations. These units are not only becoming ever more energy efficient, but they are able to economically cool and heat a building with ease.  A well-designed layout provides a constant and comfortable temperature, decreasing energy use, reducing utility costs and carbon footprint.


These schemes respond rapidly to changes in climate, outside and in, controlling and keeping the space to the desired set temperature. Today’s more refined systems can reclaim heat from warmer areas and redistribute to cooler spaces, making them extremely productive. No one likes to feel hot and sticky at work. It can lower productivity and be the cause staff to become uncomfortable. Added humidity can make any habitat feel hotter than it actually is. Air Conditioning Systems simply clear away the clammy excess moisture from the air to eradicate ‘stickiness’.


We all know busy offices can be a breeding hive for coughs and colds, but modern Air Conditioning Systems contain filters that decontaminate the air and purify the atmosphere, reducing the number of bacteria and dust particles, unpleasant smells, and possible allergens. Resident staff then benefit from clean, filtered air, and a ventilated atmosphere, particularly essential for those who feel wretched from allergies or respiratory issues.


Never disruptive; these current systems are extremely quiet, and even though they may be continually monitoring and responding to the environment, you wouldn’t know it. Even when these operations are functioning flat out, especially when the outdoor temperatures are at their upmost extreme, your clients and staff remain undisturbed and settled.


With the ever-evolving presence of IT, the workplaces of today are awash and filled with technology that generates heat. This excess warmth needs to be eliminated from the environment as this fragile type of equipment can only serve within certain tolerances. Innovatively designed air conditioning structures remove all this heat and humidity away, dispersing that energy somewhere else, in an area it is needed, ensuring your business-dependant equipment is protected and operating as it should do.


We at Cotswold have been specifying Air Conditioning into commercial work spaces now for over 10 years. We also draw heavily on our experienced fitting team for innovative recommendations, as we design each of these highly efficient cooling and heating schemes. This means you are not purchasing from a salesman on commission, but from those who’ve ‘been and done it, and got the t-shirt!’. This means you’ll have a system that not only looks great, but functions to the highest possible productivity from experienced technicians.